Australian Federal Police must stop grovelling to Islam


Silma Ihram

Why does the Australian Federal Police humiliate itself by holding grovelling religious events for those of the Islamic faith? Are there similar events for the Buddhist, Sikh, Christian, Hindu, or dare I say it, Jewish, communities?

Of course not, because Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, Hindus and Jews don’t cause trouble, incessantly play the victim and threaten violence when they don’t get what they demand – they simply get on with their lives in peace, glad to be in a free Western liberal democracy.

Does the Islamic Repulic of Iran’s police force hold Christmas dinners for the local Christians in the name of ‘inter-faith dialogue’? How about Saudi Arabia? Or Yemen?

Of course not, because they believe that non-Muslims are second-class citizens who should count themselves lucky to keep their heads attached to their necks.

At least the Australian Federal Police have cancelled their grovelling Eid dinner this year—not because it is a contemptible sign of weakness, but because those generous Muslim ‘leaders’ decided to boycott it.

The Australian Federal Police has cancelled an annual Ramadan dinner after Muslim community leaders vowed to boycott the event.

In a sign of deepening fractures between the Muslim community and Australian authorities, a petition was circulated on July 2, urging imams and other representatives to boycott dinners in Sydney and Melbourne because they were a tokenistic attempt “to create a false image of co-operation, harmony and trust which could not be further from the truth”.

It certainly is a false image – Muslim leaders have no desire whatsoever to co-operate with the infidel law enforcement officials to stop the spread of Islam in Australia or the West. Why would they? It is the Islamic imperative in the Qur’an.

“I can’t break fast with those who authorise flash bombs to be used against families,” said Australian Muslim Women’s Association spokeswoman Silma Ihram, who was one of 840 people to sign the petition.

The authors of the petition, a group called Concerned Muslims Australia, said police have targeted Muslims in “phoney raids” and the government has introduced legislation to “demonise, marginalise and victimise the Muslim community”.

“It is incredulous that the same agencies that harass, discriminate and target the Muslim community would expect it to break bread with them,” the group said. “We interpret these overtures as insult to injury.” (source)

Muslims are blameless, of course, and it’s all the fault of the filthy kuffar.

It’s about time that Australian law enforcement organisations stopped pandering to the bullying tactics of Islam and the soldiers of Allah.


  1. Yep I’ll second that. Islam is at war with humanity. Time to admit it and deal with it accordingly…


  2. ramond fleischman says:

    i will be going to save Australia rally this weekend enough is enough ban iislam all over the western world its not a religion its cult no forts in australia called mosq


  3. says:

    Umm… maybe, and call me crazy here, if Young Muslims would stop plotting terrorist attacks, the police would stop “harassing” them… I don’t know, just saying….


  4. ask one of them how they would manage in a muslim country like say Saudi or Malaysia

    Only the Australian taxpayer is so stupid to support them as we do – how many of them are taxpayers ?? get a shock – ask


    • i know one receiving TAC payments for a supposed back injury after a car accident but is still able to do concreting jobs . She does some community work, I guess it’s how she thinks she can pay back the tax payer…..


  5. Muslims do not wish to blend in. Let’s cut to the chase and deport the whole lot !!!!


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