Royal Commission hard at work in Canberra, and not a Labor PM in sight!

No PM in sight!

Oh look, they’re still at work! And no sign of Bill, Julia or Kevin…

If we are to believe Bill Shorten [always a mistake – Ed], the Royal Commission is simply “Tony Abbott’s smear campaign”. You would have thought, therefore, having nailed Bill, Kevin and Julia, they would all have packed up and gone home. Job done, right?

Wrong, because even though the media aren’t interested any more, the Royal Commission is in fact still hard at work in Canberra, cross examining a long list of witnesses, and getting to the bottom of union corruption and misconduct – you know, the thing it was actually created for.

Unfortunately, the Royal Commission can’t help it if Labor Prime Ministers have a worrying habit of getting caught up in bungled home insulation schemes (Kevin) or are up to their eyeballs in dodgy union deals (Bill and Julia) and therefore find themselves being cross-examined and humiliated like common criminals in front of the Australian public.

No amount of misdirection and distraction from moronic Labor MPs, implanted with their “pull-the-string-and-hear-them-repeat-the-same-phrase-over-and-over-again” devices, can hide that fact.


  1. Elizabeth Hill says:

    So true, this Royal Commission has been a revelation of a very sordid underbelly involving crime, corruption, murder, intimidation, fraud, and hundreds of thousands of dollars ripped out of members funds to support the very extravagant lifestyles of some Trade Union Officials. Someone should make a mini series out of it, much of the testimony has been almost unbelievable, but there is so much of it, that in the end one can only accept its real, there is much of it, it’s indemic in the culture of many unions and it’s more than concerning.

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