Madness: Judge releases alleged ISIS recruiter on bail… to a mosque

Brushing up on his Qur'an while out on bail

Brushing up on his Qur’an while out on bail

So he could observe Ramadan, of course. Because not to allow it would be ‘islamophobic’.

Where better than a mosque for an alleged ISIS recruiter to sit out his bail, listening to all those Friday sermons about ‘striking the necks’ of the kuffar. What better way to galvanise his rejection of Western democracy and prepare for his battle with the infidel legal system?

A MAN accused of recruiting young Australians to fight with IS will be allowed to live on the grounds of a Western Sydney primary school after the Supreme Court bailed him to live at a local mosque that is part of the same complex as the school.

Hamdi Alqudsi was successful in an application to vary his bail yesterday, which will allow him to reside in the Minto mosque — one used for daily prayer meetings and assemblies by students of Qibla College — until the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The mosques are the hotbeds of devoutness, and hence from where radicalisation spreads. Sending an Islamic terror suspect to a mosque is like sending a thief to guard safety deposit boxes. Is this judge reckless or just plain stupid? It has to be one or the other.

But don’t worry, he will be well looked after:

The mosque’s imam Abubaker Abduraouf told The Daily Telegraph he would be keeping a very close eye on the terror suspect…

Phew, that’s OK then. And if that weren’t reassuring enough, Keysar Trad chimes in:

“It’s spiritual healing. You never know, it might change some of (Alqudsi’s alleged) views.” (source)

Yes, spending the next few weeks in a mosque during Ramadan should remove the last vestiges of any misguided views he might have held about Islam being a Religion of Peace™ that lives in harmony with the kuffar hordes.

UPDATE: Elsewhere it states that Alqudsi prayed at the mosque “now and then”, but a look at his photo shows the distinctive zebiba of a devout Muslim…

Sign of a devout Muslim

Sign of a devout Muslim


  1. Deeply Disturbed says:

    The world is laughing at us and this is all deeply disturbing


  2. Sue Fornace says:

    That is good it’s a good spirituall


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