Moonbat police chief hosts Ramadan dinner

Complete moonbat

Complete moonbat

They never learn, do they?

Question: Why do leaders of organisations in a Judaeo-Christian country go out of their way to host, and then publicise, special functions for Muslims like dinners for Ramadan or Eid?

Answer: Because dhimmified westerners like this guy think that if we are nice to Muslims, they will like us more and they won’t try and kill us. They don’t bother with the other religions because they aren’t as dangerous. Wait, what? The Religion of Peace™ is dangerous? How Islamophobic can you get?!!

It really is that level of kindergarten logic at work here. In fact the opposite is true – the more we desperately fawn and grovel, the more they despise us. Dhimmitude in Victoria:

Victoria’s new police chief has hosted a Ramadan dinner for Muslim youth on his first day in the job. Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria chair Eddie Micallef thanked Chief Commissioner Graeme Ashton for hosting an Iftar Ramadan event on Wednesday. “The fact that the chief of Victoria Police is prepared to host a dinner celebrating Ramadan, with a focus on youth, is certainly an important benchmark for the future,” Mr Micallef said on Thursday.

I guess they had prayers in Arabic as part of the event. Let’s hope the Commissioner didn’t ask for a translation, eh?


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Sellouts and appeasers the lot of them.


  2. Deferring to these violent evil [snip] is beyond my understanding. They are in our country and yet officials still tug their forelocks thinking that we will make nice harmless little Muslims out of them, if we kiss their [snip]. No wonder the white race is heading for extinction.


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