Lefty lynch mob: ABC gives prime-time platform to terrorist

Fine, upstanding young member of society... only kidding!

Fine, upstanding young member of society… only kidding!

The ABC hates the Coalition, Tony Abbott and all of his policies with a visceral passion. It also hates Australia enough to give a terrorist a platform to speak on Q & A last night.

I wonder what it will take before the government actually requires the ABC to comply with the obligations of impartiality in its charter. Maybe a live beheading on Insiders?

The ABC this morning admitted an “error of judgment” by allowing Mr Mallah to appear on last night’s Q&A program, where he claimed Muslims were “justified” in joining Islamic State.

Mr Mallah, who was acquitted of plotting a suicide attack against government buildings in 2005, challenged Liberal frontbencher Steven Ciobo over whether his citizenship should be revoked.

Mr Ciobo replied he would “sleep very soundly” knowing that his government would attempt to disown Mr Mallah, who served two years’ jail for threatening to take ASIO and Foreign Affairs officials hostage.

Mr Mallah initially won applause from the Q&A audience by heatedly arguing Mr Ciobo should be exiled from Australia, but then continued: “The Liberals now have just justified to many Australian Muslims in the community tonight to leave and go to Syria and join ISIS because of ministers like him.”

Host Tony Jones interrupted: “I think that’s a comment we’re just going to rule totally out of order.”

Oh well done, Snowcone. Too late now, the genie is out of the bottle. At least it has fired up Tony Abbott a bit:

Tony Abbott is considering a government-wide boycott of the ABC’s Q&A program, branding it a “lefty lynch mob” after a “convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser’’ invited onto the show claimed Muslims were “justified” in joining Islamic State.

Amid outrage over the appearance of Zacky Mallah in the audience of last night’s program, the Prime Minister said the public broadcaster had “betrayed’’ Australians.

“What our national broadcaster has done is give a platform to a convicted criminal and terrorist sympathiser — they have given this disgraceful individual, a platform — and, in so doing, I believe the national broadcaster has badly let us down,’’ Mr Abbott told a press conference.

“I think many, many millions of Australians would feel betrayed by our national broadcaster right now, and I think that the ABC does have to have a long, hard look at itself.

Whose side are you on? Whose side are you on here? Fair enough, we all believe in free speech, but in the end we have to make judgments and I think that the ABC made a very, very serious misjudgment last night.” (source)

That’s the trouble with the Left – they never know when to stop. They keep pushing the envelope until it’s impossible to ignore.


  1. Michael says:

    I wouldn’t say that’s the trouble with the left, more like that’s the good thing about the left – eventually they go too far and moderate people start to realise that they are raving lunatics.

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  2. Podsnap says:

    The question is why has it taken so long for Abbott to work out that Q&A is a ‘lefty lynch mob’. Shouldn’t he have worked that out many years ago ? Why on earth do right-wingers go on the ABC ?

    The institutions are against you boys. Don’t give them oxygen, just wipe them out.


    • luisadownunder says:

      I think he knew, but now can say it and no one, including the ABC (and those other mis-fits, SBS) can utter a single word against his statement.
      Now, they have to be very, very quiet, indeed.
      They have to suck up the shame… and what’s even better, this will be remembered for a long, long time.
      Friends of mine who are definitely stupid, and hate Tony Abbott with a vengeance, have all come out in favour of his remarks and his government’s legislation stripping Australian citizens, going overseas to fight for terrorist groups, of their nationality.
      The times, they are a-changing.


      • You’re right the ABC shot itself in the foot. Abbott has performed fairly well on terrorism. Looks like he will do everything to stop it except what actually needs to be done – stop immigration.


  3. Sue Fornace says:

    Very nice.


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