‘Aussie’ Muslims ‘traumatised’ by citizenship plans

They hate it when the spread of Islam is halted by the kuffar…

They hate it when the spread of Islam is halted by the kuffar

Playing the victim card yet again, like a burglar who claims to be ‘traumatised’ by the existence of the law of theft:

Muslims in Australia are in trauma for being singled out for the government’s political gains. A top Islamic leader in the country is worried that the federal government’s plans would make people “criminals” based on suspicion alone.

Gaith Krayem, president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, told an anti-racism conference in Melbourne about the Abbott government’s plans to allow the immigration minister to revoke the citizenship of dual nationals who are found to be members or supporters of terrorist organisations.

He said the plan was clearly targeting Muslims. Krayem mentioned two people who were fighting with the Kurds against ISIS and returned to Australia without charges. “But the moment a Muslim says “I want to come home,” what does our prime minister do? If you come home, you’ll be arrested, and the full force of the law will be applied,” said the Muslim leader. (source)

Quite right. If you wish to avoid the effects of such plans, it’s really very simple: DON’T GO OVERSEAS TO FIGHT WITH AN ORGANISATION THAT WISHES TO DESTROY US.

By the way, if you really would like to know what ‘traumatised’ means, maybe you could ask:

  • the three thousand victims of 9/11 who knew for some time they were going to die
  • the Lindt cafe siege hostages who didn’t know if they would see their families again (two didn’t)
  • the schoolgirls abducted and forced into sexual slavery by Muslim groups in Africa
  • the Jordanian pilot, standing in a cage soaked in petrol, who watched as the trail of flames rushed towards him
  • the hundreds of Christians who have been beheaded by Islamic State
  • all the other victims of the 26,000-plus terrorist acts carried out by Muslims since 9/11



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