The Left, Islam and homosexuality

He survived the fall, and was stoned to death

He survived the fall, and was stoned to death

Cognitive dissonance to the rescue!

The progressive, liberal Left are the enablers of Islam: the useful idiots, the Israel haters, the blind supporters of Palestinian terrorism, and the first to cry Islamophobia to defend Muslims from the fantasy of the ‘backlash’ after a terrorist atrocity. Does #illridewithyou ring any bells?

The Left are also, however, the champions of homosexual rights, including same-sex marriage, and the natural home of the militant gay lobby.

But unfortunately, Islam not only forbids homosexuality, but also executes those found guilty of the ‘crime’ by throwing them off tall buildings. And if perchance they don’t die from their injuries, they will be stoned to death. That’s the kind of tolerance we’re dealing with.

Time for the Left to get off the fence and defend gay rights against the medieval attitudes of Islam.

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