Islam is offended by anything un-Islamic

The ideology of Islam has a very thin skin. It is very quick to take offence, and its fragility means that it has to rely on threats of violence or death in order to keep its adherents in line.

Much of the criticism of Pamela Geller’s recent Mohammed cartoon exhibition was that it was ‘provocative’ to Muslims. An AFP report of the event demonstrates, managing to slip in ‘provocative’ twice in the two opening paragraphs, oh, and an extra one in the title, of course:

The provocative anti-Islam activists behind the Mohammed cartoon event in Garland, Texas

The group behind the Prophet Mohammed cartoon event in Texas where police killed two gunmen Sunday has a history of making provocative statements about Islam that it says are aimed at defending “freedom” and critics see as antagonizing Muslims.

The American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), led by provocative activist Pamela Geller, offered a $10,000 prize in a competition to draw a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed.

Depicting the Prophet Mohammed is seen as offensive by many Muslims. Such satirical images have prompted violence in the past including in Paris this year when 12 people were gunned down by Islamists at the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

So this isn’t about individuals unable to keep their guns in their holsters, but about provocation by the organisers of the event. This is precisely the same twisted logic that condemns the victim for being raped, because she was wearing ‘provocative’ clothing. Most right minded observers would find the latter example abhorrent, but why, then, do they excuse the former so willingly?

The answer is that our multi-culti PC attitudes have conditioned us to ‘respect’ other faiths, no matter how barbaric or primitive. Even when those faiths impinge on the rights of others, our leaders are completely hamstrung by the fear of being labelled [insert name of religion]-ophobic, and will do almost anything to avoid laying the blame at the feet of that particular religion.

In reality, there is only one religion that crosses this line, and we all know which one it is. Victimhood and grievance mongering by Muslims living in the West has been raised to the level of an art form. Whenever Western culture fails to comply with Islamic demands, usually for special treatment in preference to the native population, it is an opportunity for the professionally aggrieved to cry ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’.

This is because Islamic political ideology teaches its adherents to believe that they are superior to the filthy kuffar (non-Muslims) in every conceivable way, which goes a long way towards explaining why Muslims are so perpetually offended by anything and everything. How dare the infidels refuse us our requests!

The Mohammed cartoons are the thin end of a very fat wedge – Western society is so abhorrent to Islam in so many ways that eventually we will self-censor our way of life out of existence, which makes the response of the liberal left and the Western mainstream media so dangerous and frightening.


  1. luisadownunder says:

    Interestingly, the article, although provocative, does make use of the word “Islamists” to describe the vicious, murderous thugs who gunned down the 12 at Charlie Hebdo. Usually, they are referred to as “extremists”, meaning that “normal” muslims don’t do this – now we know that they are really just plain, old-fashioned, normal muslims, although just maybe more islamisty, but getting muslimy, nonetheless.

    It seems the media is changing its lexicon. Some day soon, they might simply be called “muslim gunmen”. Could it be that we are making some headway? 😉


  2. I wish the guys from Monty Python where still active. Maybe they could make a movie called ‘The Life of Abdula’. A parody along the lines of ‘The Life of Brian’, a movie that saw Christians bombing planes and shopping malls, beheading agnostics and staging violent riots. It would be interesting to see how the censorship board would treat a scene of Abdula’s wedding night to his child bride.

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