Pope says Abbas is ‘angel of peace’

More delusion from the dhimmi-witted pontiff, who ignores the terrorist atrocities committed by Hamas and Fatah and condoned by ‘Palestinian’ president Mahmoud Abbas:

Pope Francis has met Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and labelled him “an angel of peace”, just days after the Vatican announced a treaty to officially recognise the state of Palestine.

The two met for around 20 minutes in the Vatican and are due to meet again later this weekend at a ceremony to canonise two Palestinian saints. On Wednesday, the Vatican announced it would shortly sign an agreement with the state of Palestine on issues including the status of the Catholic church in Palestine. (source)

Vale the Catholic Church, with this moron in charge…

Dhimmitude at the Vatican

Dhimmitude at the Vatican


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    Pope John Paul II must be spinning in his grave…


  2. No doubt this pontiff would make a terrific climate scientist, too! Who knows, perhaps he’s been taking “lessons” from the Climateratti who are known for their unique use of common everyday words.

    In addition, perhaps the pontiff is equally ignorant of Abbas’ academic “credentials”: i.e. his PhD thesis in which he blamed the Jews for the Holocaust.

    With “angels” like Abbas, who the hell needs devils, eh?!


  3. pgeorge01 says:

    It’s 1933 all over again.


  4. Actually he said he SHOULD BE an angel of peace. It is the exact same words of encouragement he has given other world leaders. A quote of the actual wording from him (either in a Vatican release or reported in Italian news) would have indicated your homework had been done.

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