Fake compassion and fake moral outrage

Turning on ABC News Radio just before six this morning, I had the misfortune to hear a replay of an ABC interview with UN Human Rights Watch deputy director Phil Robertson. Suffice it to say, it did not soothe me back to sleep:

JOE O’BRIEN: So to what extent, if any, do you think the Australian policy of turning some boats around has influenced what’s happening in the region now?

PHIL ROBERTSON: Well Australia’s shameful actions on boat people seeking asylum in Australia has given the green light to other countries in the region to believe that they can get away with pushing boats back. It’s undermined humanitarian protection and refugee protection throughout the region. The Abbott Government should be ashamed of themselves and their example is part of the reason that these governments are going ahead with this kind of policy.

JOE O’BRIEN: But the Abbott Government’s argument is that it’s gone ahead with that policy to save lives and there have been fewer people drowning at sea. [true – Ed]

PHIL ROBERTSON: The Abbott Government is going to twist anything that it can to result in the policy outcome that it wants, which is no boat people from any place landing on Australian shores. [Er, yes, and your point is…? – Ed]

JOE O’BRIEN: [Rapidly changing the subject – Ed] What is the situation back in Myanmar for the Rohingyas? Have they got anything to go back to?

Pardon, Joe? You’re just going to leave it at that? No follow up? No, of course not. This is the ABC – anyone sticking the knife into the Coalition is given pretty much free rein.

What any decent interviewer would have pointed out to the idiotic UN wonk is that once the floodgates are opened, it would be utter chaos the world over. Thousands of boats would be unleashed, with tens or hundreds of thousands of people on board, many of whom would lose their lives.

But hey, the laws of political correctness state that compliance with immigration laws and preventing those deaths is ‘shameful’, right Phil? Much better just not to have borders at all, and just have one amorphous global blob of proletariat, with the elite of the UN running the show.


  1. The sooner we withdraw from the UN, the better,

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  2. luisadownunder says:

    Well, as a politician in the Italian government noted recently: we should instigate the same policy as Australia as the current situation is “a humanitarian crisis”.

    They have the same situation happening there, with Italy and Malta being the main targets for illegal people smugglers.

    What is also interesting to note is that most of the “refugees” are all young males. Obvious in all the photos from both Thailand and Italy. Where are all the women and children “refugees”? Strange.

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  3. Simon Colwell says:

    ” Much better just not to have borders at all, and just have one amorphous global blob of proletariat, with the elite of the UN running the show.” And that, in a nutshell, sums up perfectly the Left’s unspoken reasoning behind it’s border protection policies, fellow Earthians…

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