Relativism and the demise of truth

Watching Bill Shorten’s bizarre budget response last night made me realise that there is no longer any difference between truth and fiction. Or alternatively, there are multiple versions of the truth, all of which are as valid as every other, and we cannot ever be certain of anything.

Bill Shorten, Labor and the media now reside in a parallel universe where up is down and black is white. Last night, Shorten promised the earth and made no attempt to explain how it would be paid for. And the union cheer squad bussed in by Labor showed no class (to be expected of course) and no respect for parliament.

Yet Bill’s extraordinary feat of topsy-turvy mathematics was not called out by the media, who instead focussed on attacking the Coalition for trying to put the budget back into surplus.

We are at the point where everything is negotiable. Jihadis murder, maim and slaughter, but Islam is the Religion of Peace™. The Coalition stopped the boats, but Labor and the Greens allowing 1,200 to die at sea shows ‘compassion’. Bill Shorten ignoring the rules of arithmetic is praised by the unions and the media, but the Coalition’s far more realistic reductions in spending are lambasted.

Deeply depressing.


  1. Simon Colwell says:

    100% agree. It does my fcuking head in. I wanted to throw a brick through the tv screen watching that sleazy little prick just spout such blatant jibberish, knowing full well that he would get away with it. I honestly believed this country’s fcuked. If anyone thinks that what;s happened to Greece can’t/won’t happen here then they are either extremely stupid, chronically deluded or a ratbag,leftwing ideologue who actually wants that outcome.

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  2. luisadownunder says:

    I couldn’t watch it.
    After the Treasurer’s articulate delivery of an incredible budget, watching the sneering face and disrespectful posture of Bill Shorten made me want to be physically ill.


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