Dr Karl’s meltdown

Dr Klown

Dr Klown

I couldn’t understand why kiddies’ favourite and climate alarmist Dr Karl was fronting a serious government report, with yellow trousers, spotty shirt and a Route 66 belt buckle.

But now he spits the dummy in spectacular style, especially after discovering his participation has upset the sandal-wearing, yoghurt-knitting Ultimo-dwellers that are his core demographic, even admitting it was his own fault.

The Coalition will persist with its Intergenerational Report advertising featuring Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, despite him spurning the “flawed” document and lashing the government as a “scorpion” that abused his trust.

The ABC science broadcaster today said he agreed to appear in the taxpayer-funded media blitz before he was allowed to read the Intergenerational Report in full, and did not realise it would be used for partisan political purposes.

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s office would not say how much Dr Kruszelnicki was paid for his involvement, or if his latest comments put him in breach of contract.

Dr Kruszelnicki this morning told ABC Radio: “I did it on the grounds that it would be not for any political party but for the government of Australia as a non-political, bipartisan, independent report.”

“As far as I was concerned, I went in thinking that I was dealing with an independent part of government.

“It was my fault for not realising the nature of the beast that I was involved with.”

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s spokesman said the campaign would continue, and Dr Kruszelnicki had “a full draft report prior to filming”.

“The contract is a private matter between Dr Karl and the creative agency,” the spokesman said.

“The Intergenerational Report, which has been released by both sides of politics, presented an opportunity for a discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing our country. If we are to get the most benefit out of the IGR it is essential the community is well informed and has every opportunity to engage in the conversation about our future.

“We hope Dr Karl’s involvement encourages people to take part in the conversation.

“There is not a current estimate on total advertising costs.”

Dr Karl, who particularly regrets the report’s minimal focus on climate change, said he had received a torrent of abuse after appearing in the ad campaign.

“A small percentage of people have seen me as saying vote for this political party or that one, which I am not doing at all,”

“(I have received) hate emails, hate Twitters that I am to blame for the one-quarter of scientists being fired from CSIRO, that I am to be blamed for somebody’s daughter having to pay a huge amount for her education for a science degree.”

Dr Kruszelnicki compared the government to the fabled scorpion that convinced the frog to carry him across a flooded river.

“The scorpion says to the frog, ‘can you take me across the flooded river?’ And the frog says, ‘No, you’ll stab me and kill me’,” he said.

“And the scorpion says, ‘No, I won’t do that because I’ll drown myself.” And the frog says, ‘Yes, you’ll drown.’ So the frog says, ‘hop on my back’, takes him half way across the river and then the scorpion stabs him.

“And the frog says, ‘Hey, you stabbed me, I’m going to die! And so are you! Why’d you do that? Are you crazy?’ And the scorpion said, ‘I can’t help it. It’s my nature.’” (source)

If it was your fault, then you should take the blame, rather than throwing a petulant tantrum.


  1. luisadownunder says:

    I dare say, I was also very surprised to see him front this campaign.

    I had assumed, however, that some superior, cellular brain activity had occurred and he had come to realize that this discussion is a necessary prelude to Government policy – for the future – regardless of the political persuasion of those in power.

    If he is too stupid to even understand the words he actually utters, in this advertising campaign, and proceed to tell those haters and naysayer to f… off, then he is even more stupid than I had believed him to be.

    He is fun to listen to, in those rather asinine scientific experiments he is want to indulge in, but he obviously has no clue about real science if he is still going on about “global warming”.


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