Invest in Australia, get grilled by ignorant, anti-business morons

Sam Dastyari… no wait, it's Mr Bean. They look the same - and act the same…

Sam Dastyari… no wait, it’s Mr Bean. They look the same – and act the same…

Putting Sam Dastyari in charge of a Senate enquiry into business taxation is like putting Mr Magoo in charge of an optometry conference.

He is a shocking embarrassment both to himself, and to Australia on the world stage. Links courtesy of Sinclair Davidson at Catallaxy Files.

1. Astonishing ignorance at the Senate Tax Inquiry

CHAIR: Let us be clear about what the distinctions are in this. Tax avoidance is questionably moral behaviour. It is legal. Tax evasion is illegal behaviour. I think they are the two terms.

The Chair is Senator Sam Dastyari (ALP, NSW) – this man is running an inquiry into taxation and he thinks he knows the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion.

Mind you, Nick Xenophon’s (Independent, SA) understanding falls into the “please expand on your answer” category:

Senator XENOPHON: Tax avoidance is different from tax minimisation and from tax evasion.

I don’t know what is worse, that these intellectual giants represent people in the Parliament, or that people actually vote for them.

2. Astonishing ignorance at the Senate Tax Inquiry II

So effectively the Chair – law school drop-out* Senator Sam Dastyari (ALP, NSW) – is seriously considering a scheme where for tax purposes Australia should abandon the veil of incorporation in order to zero value intellectual property. That is the end game here – also reading through the Hansard I’m getting the distinct impression that our Senators can’t tell the difference between costs and profits.

* If he’d remained at Law School he would have learned about the veil of incorporation and the benefits related concepts such as limited liability have generated in the last 150 years or so.

3. Astonishing ignorance at the Senate Tax Inquiry III

Oh dear – a Senator sitting on an economics committee participating in an inquiry into taxation needs to be told that tax is paid on profit and not revenue.

Back to school, all of you.

P.S. Here’s Sam Dastyari. I think. Or maybe it’s Mr Bean…

Bean there

Bean there


  1. Why is the Federal Government allowing Labor hacks like Sam Dastyari chair anything in the first place?. The last time I looked, we had a Liberal Government in power, am I wrong or does the Senate not recognise that we have a Federal Liberal Government. Neither side has a majority in the Senate yes but for Christ sake why are these
    Unions-101 mouth pieces allowed to have any authority in the process of Government? The same with the spiky haired hermaphrodites from the Greens got anything to do with being on a senate committee. These morons are the most anti-business hacks in the Senate. God help get rid of the intolerable situation we have, Abbott should wait his time then bring about a double dissolution so that we can rid ourselves of these uneducated hacks in the Senate like the PUP gaggle, throw out Lambie and that bufoon rugby player as well as the weekend mechanic, they have no place in the Senate and all they do is delay process of a properly elected Lower House and let them GET ON WITH THE JOB of fixing Labors debt, again. That happens every time Labor gets in to power, these union hacks cannot save themselves from the ever increasing demands of the dole bludging Muslim reffos and the 60-I.Q. blacks imports that are now starting to cause such an imbalance to Australia’s genetic pool. Leave alone the Spikey haired hermaphrodite set. Australia is getting to the rediculous stage where homosexuality is the norm, well let me tell you IT IS NOT NORMAL. They (the homosexuals and the Greens) would like homosexuality to be compusory.


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