NSW chooses ‘hope over fear’

Baird - victory

Baird – victory

Luke Foley and Labor have been punished for their dishonest and disgraceful scare campaign on electricity privatisation.

A correction was always expected after the rout at the last election, but voters are not stupid and they saw straight through the blatant lies of Labor and the unions.

The Baird government has been returned to power in NSW, despite suffering big swings against it in regional areas over worries about coal seam gas and electricity privatisation.

Premier Mike Baird thanked the people for choosing “hope over fear” and pledged to work every day to make people’s lives better.

It was a resounding triumph for Mr Baird, who carried the campaign on his own popularity, convincing reluctant voters to trust him despite an unpopular policy of electricity privatisation.

It also appears likely that the Coalition will win nine seats in the upper house, which along with the Christian Democrats, should ensure the passage of the electricity legislation.

Opposition leader Luke Foley said Labor had gone from “a rump in parliament to a real opposition.”

He said “the heartland has returned” and that the next election was winnable for Labor. (source)

We’ll see. If they try and run the same kind of dishonest campaign as this one, that seems highly unlikely.


  1. Absolutely, The Unions are the dishonest bully boy in everything political, they lie, they cheat the system, they think they are above the law, always have been, I was personally involved in supporting the Kate Carnell government in the 90’s in Canberra and we had to use extrordinary measures to prevent personal attacks by unionists playing the bash up game against Liberal politicians. It was confronting for Kate but she stared these anarchists down, particularly the thugs from the TWU that hijacked the ACTEW buses. As an employer, I was also attacked by thugs out in the forests where we were working. They all learn from the same prayer book, “Unions 101” and when you hear union sucks like Julia Gillard rant on at people, this is typical Union rhetoric, they all learn the same bullshit prayer book “Unions 101” Buy it at the same shop you get a copy of your Qur’an, they are both evil!

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  2. luisadownunder says:

    Unfortunately, it worked in Queensland – fear over hope.

    Now we have a Premier mired in legal obfuscation and legislative incompetence, but you won’t hear the media speak of it too often – it might cast doubt in the “heartland”.

    Campbell Newman was a tireless worker. Constantly travelling throughout Queensland; to every city and town, no matter how small or insignificant, but the media never represented this. Shocking display of ignorant bias.

    But, then, how stupid are people?


    • With a bit of luck the Labor Govt in Qld will go into a meltdown as they always do. Don’t forget, Labor is a minority Govt in Qld and when they put 60’s IQ blacks into seats and woops! forget to check their criminal background, then we can live in hope that the buffoon that became an “Independent” overnight will go back to his old ways and fall on his sword. It will happen, he will have to be tossed out of Parliament eventually.


  3. Great win for NSW Liberals!! I’m sure Mike Baird will lead us in the right direction to make NSW a great state once again. Labor will retain their negativity just like the sookysooks they are and we all know they are destined for the dump.


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