Sickening: five year old to speak at Islamic conference



If this were any other superstitious, violent, supremacist cult, it would be regarded as child abuse.

But because Islam occupies privileged status in our politically correct world, no doubt the authorities will turn a blind eye, since to do otherwise would be ‘racist’.

A five-year-old is among eight children being used to promote a conference organised by a fundamentalist Islamic group that has espoused violent jihad, anti-Semitism and amputations for theft.

The so-called peace conference will hear from a prominent sheik connected with the Hume Islamic Youth Centre, which has been linked to radicalisation of several Islamic State fighters.

Conference organisers have used the images of eight young children to promote the gathering, to be held at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Sunday, stres­sing the attendance of the youngest Islamic speaker in Australia — a five-year-old boy.

Past events held by conference organiser the Islamic Research and Educational Academy have featured speakers whose opinions on Jews, homosexuals and women have led to them being denied visas in many Western countries.

The five-year-old is being billed as “the youngest Daee (reciter of the Koran) of Australia”. (source)

Anyone that believes it is a good thing to force a five-year-old to learn by heart the handbook of a supremacist, violent political ideology is not fit to live in Australia.

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