Labor is a bunch of shameless liars


Decent blokes calling out Labor lies (click to enlarge)

OK, tell me something we don’t know, I hear you say.

Labor survives on lies. The lie of the carbon tax was a classic example where false and misleading information was fed to a naive public to sell an ideology.

But the code on truth in advertising doesn’t apply to political advertisements, so dishonest Labor politicians can continue to spew fiction as fact and get away with it.

The latest egregious example is the sale and leasing of the NSW electricity poles and wires. Labor, and their leader, Luke Foley, have engaged in a dishonest campaign (helped by the Greens, of course, who couldn’t lie straight in bed) to scare voters into rejecting the Liberals next Saturday at the state election.

But even Labor supporters (at least, those who retain a grain of integrity) are calling this out:

FORMER Labor treasurer and union supremo Michael Costa has launched a blistering attack on his ex-comrades, accusing them of running a campaign of “desperate lies” and costing the taxpayer billions.

Mr Costa said unions had already cost the NSW public almost $10 billion by knifing the power privatisation he and Morris Iemma attempted in 2008, all so they could protect their own self-interest.

And Bob Carr’s $25 billion privatisation plan would have delivered $35 billion in today’s dollars had unions and the Labor Party machine not blocked it, he said.

His comments were backed up by Labor elder Martin Ferguson in an interview. “This misinformation that we’ve got led by my own party the Labor Party of NSW suggesting that privatisation will be the detriment of consumers, that is just a bald lie,” Mr Ferguson told Keith Orchison in an interview on website

Writing exclusively in The Daily Telegraph, Mr Costa — who rose through the union ranks to Unions NSW secretary and eventually treasurer in the Iemma Government — fully endorsed Liberal Premier Mike Baird’s “sensible and moderate” proposal to lease 49 per cent of the state’s poles and wires to fund a comprehensive infrastructure plan for the state.

“For two decades NSW has been cursed with a dishonest debate on electricity privatisation which has resulted in a small, privileged special interest group, the electricity unions, maintaining their advantages at the expense of the general good,” he said.

“Lie after desperate lie is being thrown at the public in an attempt to frighten the electorate into rejecting the Baird government’s sensible and moderate reforms to the electricity industry.”

Mr Costa noted the Australian Energy Regulator’s findings that NSW electricity capital and operating costs were up to 35 per cent higher than they could be, costs that were eventually borne by consumers.

As well as Mr Carr, Mr Iemma and Mr Ferguson, Mr Costa joins former Labor leaders Paul Keating and Mark Latham, who have all backed electricity privatisation.

“The only conclusion any sensible person can draw is that electricity privatisation is overwhelmingly good for NSW,” Mr Latham told radio 2UE yesterday.

“What I’m worried about with Luke Foley is the denial of facts … To wipe the facts is just a Luddite position unworthy of a party like Labor.” (source)

As always with Labor and the Left, it’s not the principles that matter, it’s winning office and staying there at all costs. Just ask Julia!

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