Iraqi Rambo sends Islamic State running

Don't mess with me…

Don’t mess with me…

With the Golfer-in-Chief asleep at the wheel in the White House, and John Kerry pretending that there isn’t a problem with Islamic State (that isn’t Islamic… or a state), it is left to have-a-go heroes to step up to the plate to whack IS where it hurts:

A BEARDED, axe-wielding warrior known as “Iraq’s Rambo” is being feted as the hero of the battle to reclaim Tikrit, the birthplace of the former dictator Saddam Hussein, from Islamic State.

As Iraqi forces tighten their noose around the city, which is expected to fall within the next few days, Abu Azrael — whose name means “father of the archangel of death” — has become the gun-toting poster boy of the Imam Ali brigade, an Iranian-backed Shi’ite militia fighting alongside the Iraqi army.

The unlikely hero’s fan page on social media has attracted more than a quarter of a million supporters. They are regularly delighted by images of the muscular fighter swaggering fearlessly across the battlefield in military fatigues while he carries a large sword.

Abu Azrael is thought to be a 40-year-old former university lecturer and national taekwondo champion. He appears to relish the publicity.

He regularly uploads videos of his exploits, cheekily cycling through Tikrit while mocking his Isis foes.

The exaggerated attribution of almost superhuman powers to one man is a sign of growing optimism that the tide could be turning against Isis, which has occupied swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria since capturing Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, last June.

Iraqi forces say once they have taken Tikrit they will be able to use it as a launch pad for a further push to liberate the north and west of the country later this year.

According to American estimates, the Iraqi military, together with Kurdish forces in the north, have won back more than a quarter of the territory held by Isis. (source)

No thanks to the Marxist Muslim in the Oval Office, who has done nothing to prevent the growth and spread of Islamic State.


  1. luisadownunder says:

    We can’t be too unfair to POTUS, aka, the great Muslim, as he is attempting, despite Republican opposition, to ensure that Iran becomes nuclear capable, after all.
    Surely this will ensure that Iran will ultimately defeat not only ISIS, but all it’s enemies, que?


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