Skinny, spotty, pale teenage loser from Melbourne a great advert for Islamic State

Not well...

Not well…

This is the quality we attract, everyone!

Come and join Islamic State, and associate with people like… er, this? WTF?

An Islamic State (IS) recruit declared the “white jihadi” by the British media last year has been identified as an 18-year-old Melbourne boy called Jake by Fairfax Media.

In December, a photo of Jake kneeling in front of an Islamic State flag with a rifle in his hands was circulated via social media.

At the time he was wrongly identified as being British and was labelled the “white jihadi” by some media outlets.

He’d make an albino look bronzed…

The ABC has since spoken to two people who know Jake and confirmed he was the young man captured in the IS picture.

Angela Scaffidi met Jake in 2012 when he did work experience at corporate communications firm Senate SHJ.

“Oh God. Yes, that’s Jake. That’s horrendous,” she said.

“He did some work experience with us, he’s a special young man.

“He was quite a talented writer and a nice young man.” (source)

A nice young man right up to the moment he became a violent jihadi.


  1. luisadownunder says:

    “He was a talented young man.” Seriously.


  2. Assuming he did in fact blow himself up, it was indeed another sad, and pointless death.

    What shocks and annoys me, is that according to the drooling masses who are bound up in their own Australian political fanaticism, the blame can be squarely put on Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop.

    Even when faced with all the evidence in the world, these people would argue black was white, as long as it was opposite to the LNP position. Talk about stupidity and complicity…


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