Push to (de-)radicalise Muslims in prison

Imams in prison

Imams in prison

Foxes and henhouses.

How does sending an Imam, a supposed expert on the finer points of Islam, into prison help de-radicalise inmates?

By telling them that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’? Or that Islamic State has ‘nothing to do with Islam’?

That might very well work (and indeed does work) on clueless Western leaders, but if an inmate is already radicalised (i.e. familiar with the teachings of the Qur’an), he will know that it is complete nonsense.

On the other hand, sending Imams into prison could very well help to radicalise inmates further, which is, er, a great idea, obviously.

The only way to de-radicalise Muslims is to reform Islam itself, and that’s never going to happen because, as we all know (clears throat), the Qur’an is the perfect and immutable word of God, and Muhammad was the perfect man to be emulated for all eternity. So good luck with that, then…

Islamic leaders believe imams and sheiks should be sent into Australian jails to neutralise any radicalisation among Muslim inmates.

Islamic Council of Queensland spokesman Ali Kadri said on Monday he would push for such a program to be introduced in jails across the country.

Mr Kadri said he’d received information from intelligence agencies that a number of Muslim inmates had become radicalised in jail.

He said this was happening because they were not receiving the proper religious guidance.

“It is my firm belief that proper Islamic education de-radicalises people, because the only reason young men radicalise is because they have some deviant version of Islam taught to them through the internet, through unreliable sources,” he told Fairfax Radio.

He said there was no existing official program now to allow Muslim leaders to regularly visit jails to teach inmates.

“What they (should) do is go into the jail, teach them Islam in the context of what the religion is, a 1400-year-old religion, rather than in the context of what’s happening in the Middle East at the moment,” he said.

“Anybody who does show extreme views does do because they don’t understand Islam, and once they’ve been debated through proper Islamic ideology they are countered and neutralised to a large extent.” (source)

Yeah, right! And I think I can smell the taqiyya through my computer screen…


  1. What a crock of crap. Now we find that instead of Putin being responsible for the shooting death of the Russian Opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, was in fact, allegedly performed by ISLAMIC checheyans. Oh Goody, that warm and fuzzy “peace loving” religion lives on in Russia as well. Have a look at the perpetrators, one was preaching “I love the prophet Mohammed” obviously a worldly trained person, another maniac of doubtfull intelligence that has read nothing other than the Quran, that evil document that Muslims everywhere take as being the gospel.


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