New AFP Commissioner wilfully blind to Islamic threat

Moronic comments

Moronic comments

Great, just what Australia needs right now, a Federal Police Commissioner who looks at the Lindt Cafe siege, and says it had ‘nothing to do with Islam’. Great appointment, Tony. Where do they find them?

At least when he is beheaded by an Australian jihadi, he can be thankful and proud that he was never ‘racist’.

The Martin Place siege was about “criminals doing terrible things” and is not an issue for Islam or Australia’s Muslim community, the federal police commissioner, Andrew Colvin, has said in his first official speech.

The fact that Man Monis claimed to be acting on behalf of ‘Islamic’ State, and held up a jihadist flag, means that this is all about Methodism or Presbyterianism, I guess?

Such comments let the Muslim community off the hook – a community which, whilst paying minimal lip-service to condemning terrorism, has done nothing to stop the endless preaching of hatred and sedition in the mosques – the very thing which leads to radicalisation.

He would not elaborate on whether the AFP was engaging with disillusioned Australians jihadis who might wish to leave Islamic State, saying only that it was a “very active policy consideration” and the police were “very interested in talking to anyone” who reached out.

Because that would be such a good idea, wouldn’t it, Andrew, importing back into the country Muslims who are even more radicalised than when they left? Good thinking, 99.

He expressed reluctance to talk about Australia’s Muslim communities in relation to terrorism, saying “they often felt understandably targeted”, but “we could not have had success in stopping attacks without them.”

Attacks on Muslims in the wake of the Martin Place siege were “a terrible indictment on this country and this society”, he added. (source)

Yes, right again, Andrew! It’s all the fault of racist, bigoted, Islamophobic Australians. We forced them to do it.

Geez, when will sanity return? When we’re all living as dhimmis under an Australia ruled by the sharia, probably.


  1. I wrote this letter to Andrew Sciponi, The NSW Police Commissioner, and have had NO response to this or an earlier letter:

    Commissioner Andrew P Scipione APM
    Commissioner of Police
    Level 14, 201 Elizabeth Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000

    Dear Commissioner Scipione,

    I last wrote to you on 28th December regarding the siege at the Lindt café on 15th and 16th December last year. As yet I have not received a reply and whilst I appreciate you may have a busy schedule, you must not forget who you serve Commissioner, which is the citizens of this country of which I am one.

    I wrote about the action of the NSW Police regarding the action taken, or in this case not taken regarding the perpetrator, Man Haron Monis, I made it clear that in my opinion, the NSW Police dropped the ball with this action and failed to take appropriate action to stop this known maniac when the opportunity arose. The operative word there is “known”. There was ample evidence made available to you that this madman was and as is with any other Muslim trained murderer, totally void of any compassion or thought for us as non Muslim Australians.

    The common biggest threat Australians now face is a Muslim walking down any Australian city street in their “traditional uniforms”, being baggy clothes and or the burqua, where we and the police do not know if the Muslim has a a concealed bomb with view to kill and maim as many “Infidels” as they can. The thing is, they can do so with impunity. We as innocent citizens can be trapped in a situation where death at the hands of a Muslim can now happen any time of the day or night wherever their crazed “death Cult”, religious fanatic Clerics tell them to go and “martyr” themselves so they can go to their misguided and perverse version of “paradise”

    As I said previously, not every Muslim is a suicide bomber, BUT every suicide bomber, is a Muslim. A succession of disastrous Government policies has allowed these zealots to enter our society en masse. They colonise, they do not integrate, they build their edifices of segregation and they hate the country that has held out a welcoming hand to them. Muslims rort the welfare system by promoting a “child swap” lies that is placing an undue burden on our country. And they hate us sufficiently to promote terrorist attacks.

    The problem is that the political damage has been done but, an incompetent law enforcement agency such as you head, is something that we can and should do something about.

    As I stated last time,
    Islam is a violent, supremacist political ideology masquerading as a religion. This so called “Religion” is wholly incompatible with our Western style of democracy and freedoms as it does not distinguish between the church and the State.
    You and the politicians have failed us with your collective attempts at political correctness.
    Political correctness is the reluctance to speak the truth for fear of causing offence.
    Since my last letter what have we seen, the murder in France by Muslims determined to carry out the ranting of their Clerics in the Mosque’s of France, over what? A cartoon! We suffer the same fate here where Muslims defraud our welfare system to gain access to Australian tax money to pay for their segregation lifestyles in our community whilst espousing the virtues of an archaic religion, in fact an evil, racist, supremacist dogma that is locked in the 7th century. It is the Government that needs to change the law, admitted, but it is also incumbent upon our police forces to act appropriately when faced with an enemy that simply does not care whether he lives or dies, he only cares about how many non, Muslim “Infidels” he can take with him/her.
    Blood On Your Hands:
    Mr Scipioni, you and your police force failed the people of New South Wales and Australia. You failed miserably and 2 Australian citizens that perished at the hands of this maniac Muslim. But what has been revealed is that the incompetence and stupidity of your so called “elite” police killed an Australian citizen. She was killed by your “Keystone Cops” barging in en-mass with guns blazing indiscriminately, resulting in what was it, 6 gunshot wounds to her body that all came from your police officers. The level of gunfire, so clearly shown in the TV footage was such that it was lucky a lot more people were not killed.
    Andrew Scipioni, you should resign, you are an incompetent person in a position that should be managed by someone with far more skills than you bring to the job.
    As I said in my previous letter,
    “Your police had a clear shot at this maniac, on several occasions in fact, the question begs, “Why was he not taken out”, Why? Instead of trying to reason or negotiate when common sense says that you can only negotiate with a reasonable person”.
    The NSW Police actions during this long drawn out siege over 2 days made them look like the “Keystone Cops”. We as citizens of this country deserve better than that. The inquiry into this event is a revelation as to the failure of Government policy and to the inadequate response by the NSW Police.
    Again Mr Scipioni, resign, your continued role as a Police Commissioner is an insult to the post. Your failure to respond to my previous letter is also noted.

    Yours faithfully,


  2. What a crock.

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    • Well Why Not; we are going to pay more for our letters to send via Australia Post because the Muslim CEO needs more support for Islam in Australia, this are the facts:

      Our Muslim CEO of Australia Post donates $2 million to promote Islam.

      Recently Australia Post which is totally government owned and has been for 200 years, announced the loss of 900 jobs, being part of a cut back program.

      This is due to the decline in letters beings sent and that’s true as email has further reduced letter writing and in many ways understandably.

      A hand written letter is a wonderful thing and contains the hand writing of a friend or loved one and that’s a blessing plus the effort required to put pen to paper and then to post it.

      The CEO of Australia Post is Ahmed Fahour who was born in Lebanon and came to Australia in 1970.

      In 2009 he was made Managing Director and CEO of Australia Post.

      His salary package was estimated to be worth $4.8 million last year. Of this he donated about $2 million to the Islamic Museum of Australia located in Melbourne.

      I have a big problem with this fellow’s salary package and so let’s get some perspective here The top ten executives in Australia Post combined earn around $20 million each year. That’s simply immoral and clearly the CEO can afford to give away nearly half his takings to support an Islamic museum, a culture at odds with most Australians, so he doesn’t need it and surprise, surprise, its tax deductable.

      The founder and director of the museum is former Macquarie Bank executive Moustafa Fahour – Ahmed Fahour’s brother.

      Moustafa’s wife, Maysaa, is the chairwoman and director. The Fahours’ sister, Samira El Khafir, is head chef and manages the restaurant on site.

      How can the CEO of the Post Office earn so much especially when the postal service is bleeding money from letter delivery. No employee is worth 5 million a year and especially not from a government owned business.

      The top federal public servants in Australia have salaries of between $665,600 and $844,800 so how does the bloke in charge of the Post Office received $4.8 million? The Prime Minister of Australia earns a modest $507,000 considering the real burdens of office while the CEO of the Gold Coast Council earning slightly less and that’s patently out of kilter with the PM’s package. The Mayor of GCCC brings in $225,000 so how on earth can the Post Office justify the massive pay of their CEO?.

      Let’s look further; the head of the US postal service with 19 times more staff and 11 times more revenue than Australia Post receives $550,000.

      In France the head of their post office was paid $1.1 million with a staff compliment of 268,000 employees.

      What a country full of mugs we are to sit by and let all this happen. I would have run the big game of Post Office for a lot less and still done a reasonable job and in fact if the best of we seniors applied ourselves we could run the damn post office better and for nothing except a kiss and a free lunch now and again.

      You had better believe it too.

      There is an unpleasant and some would say sinister unbalanced agenda in Australia which in the end preys on the average citizen, we the people We are no longer the lucky country and we are no longer wealthy and this particular game of Post Office reveals major fractures and faults on a number fronts in our society and culture.

      Who is running the country, who is pulling the levers and who is going to win? We the Mugs need to know. Leave alone the fact that this Muslim CEO has donated 2 million of tax payers money to support and evil sadistic religion that is not compatible with Australian values. Nepotism reigns supreme!


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