Just what the Australian military needs: an Imam…

Nidal Hasan: look how well that worked out!

Nidal Hasan: look how well that worked out!

No devout Muslim, whose allegiance is always to Allah rather than any man-made authority, should ever serve in the armed forces of a non-Muslim country.

Secular Muslims (or ‘Muslims in name only’) perhaps may serve, but then they wouldn’t need an imam, would they?

So what possible purpose would an imam serve in the Australian Defence Force?

To push for ‘special treatment’? To require five prayer breaks a day? To change the rules to allow swearing allegiance on the Qur’an, maybe (they probably do that already)? To seek exclusion from tours of duty in Muslim countries? To remind Muslims of the verses of violence and intolerance towards their infidel hosts? Halal-certified food in the officers’ mess, perhaps?

Sheer madness.

The Australian Defence Force is set to get its first Muslim Imam as part of a push to attract more recruits from different cultural and language backgrounds. [We don’t want more recruits from this particular infidel-hating background, thanks very much – Ed]

Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert announced on Monday he was asking Defence to “renew efforts” on recruiting a more “culturally and linguistically diverse workforce”.

Part of this is to find an Imam – an Islamic religious leader – to serve on the ADF’s religious advisory committee, which provides advice to the force on policies to meet its personnel’s spiritual needs.

“I have asked my department to move as quickly as possible to identify a part-time Islamic Imam to join the ADF’s religious advisory committee to ensure those 96 ADF members of an Islamic faith have appropriate representation,” Mr Robert said in a speech to Parliament.

The part-time Imam will join one Jewish and five Christian religious leaders who make up the committee. He will serve in a policy advisory role – a first for the ADF – but will not provide pastoral care as do Christian Chaplains in the force. (source)

That caveat is a small mercy on the scale of things. ‘Policy advisory role’ – i.e. demanding special treatment, just like they do everywhere else.


  1. Assistant Defence Minister Stuart Robert has lost the plot. In my 33 years of service we had Padres from Catholic, Anglican and Other Prodestant Denominations and the OPD covered many religions. “Linguistically Diverse” will every training manual now be written in different languages, Will parade ground orders be multi lingual. Come on Mr Robert give me a break.


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