Myth busted (again): 27% of UK Muslims sympathising with Charlie Hebdo attack isn’t a tiny minority

Frightening results

Frightening results [click to enlarge]

It’s a substantial and significant minority. This is shocking:

One in four British Muslims sympathise with terrorists behind the Charlie Hebdo attacks, a new poll shows.

A poll reveals how a significant minority of Muslims endorse terrorist atrocities against those who mock the Prophet Mohammed.

Some 27 per cent of British Muslims said they have “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks” on the Paris magazine, according to polling by ComRes for the BBC.

A further 32 per cent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 per cent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.” 

And only 68 per cent of British Muslims said that attacks on the publishers of images of the Prophet are “never” justified, while 24 disagreed. (source)

Actually, I think the 11% figure is the most frightening. The UK had 2.7 million Muslims in 2011 (more now), which means that nearly three hundred thousand Muslims in the UK believe that anyone publishing a cartoon of the prophet “deserves to be attacked.” Attacked, with physical violence – for a freaking drawing!

That also equates to about 50,000 right here in Australia with similar views, namely that drawing the prophet warrants a physical attack. Just think about that for a minute…

In another part of the survey, 20% said that Western society could never be compatible with Islam. That’s about 540,000 UK Muslims who believe that sharia should replace the democratically elected government. And over 100,000 here in Australia.

Excuse me, I think I need to go and have a lie down.


  1. Don’t worry, take a Mogodon and relax, there are those of us, Australians that have become “aware” of how sinister and evil the religion of Islam really is. We take it seriously and our voice will become louder and louder.

    One day we can only hope to see the eradication of Islam not only in this country but around the world.


  2. I think we need some kind of solution to this problem…


  3. luisadownunder says:

    Muslims don’t need to blow us up or cut our throats or behead us: they have now so many ordinary, everyday foods and outlets with their halal certification, or only selling food with halal certification, that this is take-over by stealth: McDonalds’ burgers and other food are all halal certified; Capilano honey is now halal certified, so is Vegemite and so many other products, including baby foods, that we have now become a muslim country.

    Companies and food outlets are willing to pay thousands of dollars to have their food and products halal certified. We didn’t ask for this but then, we are just the majority, so who cares.


  4. Cliff Bernard says:

    All religions are bogus, and dangerous. We should do away with all of them. But unless we do eradicate them all, it’s wrong to pick on one because at this stage of history it’s thawing out some nasty followers. There was a time when Islam was at the heart of a great and progressive civilisation, just as Christianity has in the past presided over murderous regimes.


    • luisadownunder says:

      Rubbish, Cliff.
      What murderous regimes has Christianity presided over?
      What great and progressive civilization was Islam the heart of?
      And don’t spew the “Crusades” rubbish like Obama has.
      You need to be very studied in History before you mouth nonsense like this.
      It was Obama himself who said, in 2012: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”. And this comment came just after the slaughter of American citizens in Benghazi!
      Apologists always bring up the “Christianity also was murderous in the past” meme.
      Remember, that were it not for the Crusades, your mother, sisters, aunts, wife and daughters would be dressed head to toe in that most fashionable of all clothing items: the burqa. – “A burqa covers the whole body from the top of the head to the ground. It is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It covers the entire face, including the eyes (with a mesh cloth to see through) and the body.”…And, it’s BLACK.
      Bet they would be jumping for joy!
      Of course, you could always do what Michelle Obama did, as a response to the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram (is that Islamic or
      Christian?) – promote a photo of yourself holding up a sign with the tweet: #BringBackOurGirls. I bet that worked a treat!
      Of course, that great outfit known as ISIS, freedom fighters et al, found it so amusing that they photo-shopped the image and re-tweeted the photo with Michelle holding a sign that read #BringBackOurHumvees. Gee, who said terrorists didn’t have a sense of humour, hey?
      I mean, similar Christian groups around the world are at this very moment burning alive a Jordanian pilot,and setting up movie screens across the city for cheering crowds to view and celebrate. And we though Muslims were a closed and cloistered bunch. This proves just how hip they are, doesn’t it?
      And, while I’m on a roll, how about those evil Christian groups removing the clitoris of thousands of women and girls…just for fun and, oh, without their permission, sound to you?
      Lets not forget the mass executions of Iraqi solders in Mosul…by those barbarous Christian groups.
      We have Obama and his administration envisioning a “Summit on Countering Violent Extremism”, apparently in reaction to Buddhists who are filming beheadings, skinheads storming Paris media offices and “lone-wolf” anti-abortionists who slaughtered innocents in Australia, Canada and France!!
      Ignorance may be bliss, Cliff, but it’s also dangerous.


  5. MESSAGE TO ALL MUSLIMS who believe that Western society could never be compatible with Islam and that sharia should replace the democratically elected government :– Immediately pack your bags and leave our country !!! Australians will not tolerate anyone who intends to “islamize” their country. Putting it mildly…P*** Off !!!


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