Hypocrisy from the ABC, a.k.a. the Abbott-Bashing Corporation

Their ABC leans to the Left

Their ABC leans to the Left

It’s not the principle, it’s the side.

A week or so ago, the ABC was jeering that Tony Abbott had scuppered any chance of a last minute reprieve for Bali Nine drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Raising the issue of the humanitarian aid for the Indonesian tsunami in 2004 was viewed as a ‘threat’ and had therefore jeopardised any chance of a last minute change of heart.

Today on NewsRadio, the ABC was crowing that the Indonesian President Joko Widodo had told Tony Abbott he wrong to suggest, as he did earlier this week, that Widodo was reconsidering the executions of Chan and Sukumaran.

In the first case, Abbott’s actions had prevented a change of heart by the Indonesians, in the second, a change of heart was never going to happen and Abbott’s made a fool of himself by suggesting otherwise.

Two entirely contradictory positions which only make sense when you understand that the premise of the two stories is solely to make Abbott look dangerous and incompetent.

Proudly brought to you by the ABC: the Abbott-Bashing Corporation.


  1. Yes it is evident when you get ABC journalists interviewing the old Labor hacks about how Tony Abbot is going. The interesting part about Labor is that they all sing from the same hymm book, “Unions 101″ The rhetoric from any and all of these failed politicians is the same obfuscation and derision but nothing, absolutely nothing about how Labor would repair the damage to our economy that they did. Labor and the Greens politicians took a giant dump in the sandpit called Australia and they expect the tax payer to keep the cleanup funding going and put them back into power again. All they bang on about is cuts to this and cuts to that but nothing about the management of the economy which lets face it, Labor and the Greens could not manage a chook raffle!

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  2. Gwendoline Mayers says:

    Tony Abbott is our elected Prime Minister. I will support our elected Prime Minister. He is a good honest man, something which a lot of people may not understand these days. Totally agree with ‘johnpilot2408’. Labor & Greens one and the same to me.


  3. Iris McManus says:

    I would not believe a word the ABC say .i never listen to them I stopped buying any journalism from Fairfax and the ABC years ago they are to unionised and biased for the left for me. I prefer journalism to be fair to all, something the ABC is incapable off.


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