Let Aussies go to Syria, just don’t let them back

Australia or Islamic hell-hole? I'll choose Islamic hell-hole, thanks

Australia or Islamic hell-hole? I’ll choose Islamic hell-hole, thanks

Why stop individuals who clearly hate Australia and everything it stands for, and would rather wage jihad in Syria, from leaving? Rather they do it over there than over here.

Just one caveat, however: once they’re gone, they should NEVER be allowed back in.

UP to 40 Australian women have secretly travelled to Iraq and Syria to join terrorist groups and the government fears some have signed up to notorious all-female religious police units formed to enforce strict sharia.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop appealed to schools and families to warn authorities about “an increasi­ng number of young female­s” meeting up with their foreign fighter husbands or seeking to find partners as so-called jihad­i brides.

She revealed there were more than 500 women from Western nations among the foreign fighters attracted to Islamic State despit­e the “depraved” group’s reputation for sexual slavery and abuse of prepubescent girls.

Ms Bishop told parliament some women had been manipul­ated to become suicide bombers and said their willingness to join Islamic State, also known by its Arabic acronym Da’ish, defied logic. “Thirty to 40 Australian women are known to be either engaging in or supporting terrorist activity in Syria, Iraq and here in Australia,” Ms Bishop said. (source)

It doesn’t defy logic according to the Left and the other apologists, however. It’s because of the terrible ‘racism’ of ‘islamophobia’ they had to suffer in the oppressive nation of Australia, or poverty, or discrimination, or lack of opportunity, or being refused one of the thousands of requests for special treatment by the filthy kuffar.

It also doesn’t defy logic once you realise that the actions of Islamic State are firmly rooted in the Qur’an.

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