Islam in Australia: the real problem is Abbott’s ‘bullying’

Rising daily…

Diversionary tactics 101, courtesy of the Australian Muslim community.

Over 25,000 terrorist attacks carried out in the name of Islam since 9/11, and rising daily. But the real problem is, yes, the bullying of the Mufti by Tony Abbott.

It’s time for you to suspend your disbelief and focus on the real problem, the Islamophobia, the racism, the bigotry, and now the bullying by the Prime Minister. Yes, those are the serious issues we have to deal with.

Forget the pre-medieval ideology that commands the hatred of non-Muslims, the overthrow of democratic governments and the spread of its poisonous tentacles (by the sword, if necessary) into non-Muslim countries.

Forget the beheadings, the crucifixions, the burnings alive of ISIS, and the Australian ‘citizens’, and I use the term loosely, who would rather go and join Islamic State and fight for a 7th century supremacist political system than live in a first world country.

Forget the Lindt cafe siege, and all the other ‘near misses’ in Australia, which have all had ‘nothing to do with Islam’ of course.

Forget all the terrorist attacks since 9/11 (see image), as of today it stands at 25,170, but the image updates automatically, so by the time you read this, it will have gone up.

Forget all that, and plenty more besides, and focus on the Islamo-faux-bia, the ‘bigotry’ and ‘racism’ (what race is Islam again?). And of course, focus on the bullying:

Dozens of Muslim leaders and organisations around the country have hit out at the Prime Minister Tony Abbott for “bullying” the mufti of Australia and Islamic groups that criticise his government.

In a joint statement signed by 64 organisations and 42 community and religious leaders, they have opposed Mr Abbott’s “politically convenient” threats to tackle and crack down on Islamic groups whose only crime has been to speak out about his stance towards Muslims.

Notice once again, how Islamic groups refuse to make any genuine efforts to root out the causes of extremism. We know why, of course. Because doing so would require the excising of vast tracts of the Qur’an, and reams of documentary evidence about the acts of Muhammad.

The statement said that they “opposed” the bullying of the nation’s highest Islamic leader, Ibrahim Abu Muhammad, because of his opposition to Mr Abbott’s attempts to silence people.

Don’t forget, Muslims are superior to the filthy kuffar in every respect, so this reaction is typical.

Mr Abbott has angered the community for criticised the mufti, Dr Abu Mohammed, for speaking out against a possible ban on Hizb ut-Tahrir, saying the mufti’s comments were wrong-headed and unhelpful.

Dr Abu Mohammed, the leader of Muslims in Australia, has said it would be a “political mistake” to ban the group.

Hypocrisy. The Mufti wants freedom of speech for Hizb ut-Tahrir, but not for critics of Islamic ideology (or drawing pictures of Muhammad).

The community statement comes amid more reports that Muslims are feeling a backlash and are being targeted by the community and authorities.

Ding! “Backlash” scores ten points in Islamic Buzzword Bingo!

A Muslim woman picking up her child from the Christian school which she attends, has said she was questioned by police while she was sitting in her car waiting across the road from the Sydney primary school.

Maybe if Islamic communities actually made an effort to change the doctrines of their political ideology, and to stop the thousands of ‘misunderstanders’ of Islam from using them to justify senseless and barbaric acts of violence, we wouldn’t have to be so suspicious of the intentions of Muslims in the West.

The statement said: “We deplore and denounce the continued public targeting of Muslims through abominable ‘anti-terror’ laws. The laws passed in late 2014 have been used to justify opportunistic raids on Muslim homes, have created media and community hysteria where in the majority of cases no crime was committed, and have created distressing and harmful backlash [ding!] towards Muslims, especially women and children.”

Anything that stops the spread of Islam in the dar al-Harb is regarded as ‘targeting of Muslims’. Given that Islam must be supreme everywhere on the planet, of course they will think that preventing it and wishing to maintain our liberal democracy is ‘abominable’.

Hizb ut-Tahrir has said attempts to ban its organisation would be laughable if they weren’t so serious.

A spokesman said their media statements made their position very clear. “We don’t support the methods, the crimes of ISIS, or their claim to a caliphate. What else do we need to say to show we don’t support them?” (source)

Paying lip service isn’t sufficient any more. We need to see evidence of the Islamic community reforming itself to prevent Muslims from using the religious texts of Islam to justify violence against non-Muslims. You can read the statement here. There isn’t a single word about addressing the root cause of Islamic radicalisation anywhere.

Of course not, it’s impossible to ‘reform’ Islam, since as any fool knows, Islam is the perfect embodiment of the will of god and Muhammad was the perfect man, and has been since the 7th century.

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