‘Kuffarphobia’, not Islamophobia, is the real problem

Islamophobia ain't the problem

Islamophobia ain’t the problem

Muslims will complain of ‘Islamophobia’ at the drop of a takiyah, but the real problem is kuffarphobia – the hatred required by Islamic law of non-Muslims, or kuffar (kafir).

The spectre of ‘Islamophobia’ is often raised by the Islamapologists, and at least nine times out of ten, it will be as a diversionary tactic, or a reaction to a Muslim demand for special treatment being refused (something that happens very rarely anyway).

It is almost always a fiction, stoked and fuelled by Muslim leaders to ensure that their community can continue to be cast in the role of victim of an oppressive culture.

Genuine ‘Islamophobia’ on the other hand is rare, and generally reserved for those occasions when innocent victims are beheaded, or burned alive, or crucified, or planes are flown into buildings, or dozens killed when a devout Muslim straps explosives to themselves and detonates it in a crowded place – in the name of Islam.

That’s the only time that reasonable people in the West succumb to islamophobia, and in those circumstances it is entirely justified. Fear of an ideology that can carry out such barbaric acts is a normal psychological reaction.

Further, the West doesn’t have any legal doctrines about how we should treat Muslims in our society, since everyone is equal under the law. Essentially, as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others, you can pretty much do what you like within legal bounds. That’s the essence of a liberal (in the sense of free) democracy.

Now compare and contrast this with Islam.

Islam has a vast body of jurisprudence, the fiqh, much of which is devoted to setting out very clear rules as to how Muslims should interact with non-Muslims. There’s even a name for it. Those of us who have not seen the light, so to speak, of Islam are in a state of jahiliyyah, which literally means ‘ignorance and stupidity’.

The starting point for this jurisprudence is that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims in every conceivable way. Non-Muslims have not been enlightened to Islam, and are therefore ignorant.

Secondly, non-Muslims are unclean. Hence, non-Muslims are frequently referred to as ‘filthy kuffar’. Islamic law provides for paranoid levels of supposed cleanliness, which non-Muslims do not perform. The irony of Muslim nurses refusing to use alcohol hand wash in hospitals is lost on them, however.

Thirdly, once infidel lands are conquered and converted to Islam, they become part of the Dar al-Islam. Until that time, however, those lands are known as the Dar al-Harb, the House of War, where Islam must defeat the kuffar and impose Islamic rule. That includes, of course, Australia and every other Western country that has an elected liberal democracy.

Once you understand these key points, you are on your way to understanding why Islam is such a problem in the West, and why Muslim integration is lower, far lower, than any other religion.

This PDF document, entitled ‘How Muslims should interact with kafirs’, is an eye-opening read. Here is an extract:

Q: Can a Muslim befriend the kafir?

A: No. The Quran forbids Muslims to take friends anyone other than believers. See verse 5:51, 3:28, 48:29 and others, along with their classical tafaasiir, and the rulings of classical scholars.

Many apologists pretend that the translation doesn’t really mean friends, in order to cover up the highly divisive nature of these verses, but seven different translations all use the word ‘friend’, and there are reams of other authorities which confirm the nature of this verse.

Here’s another source for the same issue:

Q: Is it allowed for a muslim woman to be friends with a non-muslim woman who is very decent, without neglecting her one religion and is there a severe punishment if she does?

A: Undoubtedly making friends with a kaafir woman will adversely affect her religious commitment, because a kaafir woman does not behave in the same manner or have the same attitude as a Muslim woman, and she does not worship Allaah according to the religion of Islam. Therefore she will not avoid doing things that may adversely affect this Muslim woman who may be deceived by the modest dress or good manners of this kaafir woman, especially in matters that will adversely affect her religious commitment.

We do not mean, however, that this Muslim woman should cut herself off completely from the kaafir woman; she may visit with her, visit her when she is sick and give her gifts, but without forming an emotional attachment or joining in their festivals and celebrations. And the Muslim woman should aim, in those visits and gift-giving, to call this kaafir woman to Islam. 

Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzaan said: There is nothing wrong with visiting kaafirs in order to call them to Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) visited his paternal uncle Abu Taalib when he was dying and called him to Islam, and he visited the Jewish boy and called him to Islam.

But visiting kaafirs in order to have a good time with them is not permitted, because it is obligatory to hate them and shun them. It is permissible to accept their gifts because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) accepted gifts from some of the kaafirs, such as the gift from al-Muqawqis the ruler of Egypt. But it is not permissible to congratulate them on the occasion of their festivals because this implies befriending them and approving of their falsehood.

Spend a few minutes at this Islam Q & A page on Amity and Avowal and read the questions and answers to get an idea of how entrenched this Muslim/non-Muslim divide is within Islam.

So whenever you hear the dog-whistle of ‘Islamophobia’ you will understand that ‘kuffarphobia’ is the real problem.

Search ‘kuffarphobia’ on Google and you get 1,750 hits. Search ‘Islamophobia’ and you get 4.3 million hits.

Also, check out the Islam Q & A site here for the benefits of drinking camel urine. Cheers!

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