‘Grand’ mufti disses Abbott – but seriously, who cares?

Mufti has a huffty...

Mufti has a huff-ty…

They hate us anyway, so what difference does it make if the ‘grand’ mufti, and spiritual ‘leader’ of Australia’s Muslims, Ibrahim abu Mohammed, turns on Tony Abbott?

Any Australian Prime Minister would be regarded as filthy kuffar by the likes of the mufti anyway (see here), it’s just that it’s now out in the open:

Australia’s most senior Muslim leader has said he won’t “repeat the mistake” of voting for Tony Abbott, and publicly advised the prime minister to “work in any field other than politics”.

The strong comments by the Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Mohammed come amid other signs of a serious breakdown in relations between the Abbott government and large elements of Australia’s Muslim communities, ahead of the expected announcement of new security legislation on Monday.

There were no ‘relations’ between Abbott and the Muslim community in the first place. Just wheelbarrow-loads of steaming taqiyya and shrill cries of ‘islamophobia’ whenever Muslims didn’t get the special treatment they incessantly demand.

Abbott criticised the grand mufti on the Bolt Report last Sunday for suggesting it would be a political mistake to ban the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, saying his comments were “wrong-headed” and unhelpful.

Mohammed was interviewed on Friday for the online TV program, Spot Light, run by the Islamic production company OnePath Network.

Asked if he had any advice for the prime minister, the mufti said: “I respect the presence of Tony Abbott as a political leader of his party and I respect the Australian community’s choice in electing him.

Bullshit, and he knows it. Islam doesn’t recognise any man-made law or government, only the sharia. But these lies spill from the mufti’s mouth without him breaking a sweat.

“I personally elected him in the previous elections. But believe me, I will not repeat this mistake again,” he said.

Many authorities claim voting in elections is haram*, Mr Mufti. You should know that.

“If there’s any advice to be given, then with my full respect to the Australian people in choosing him, and my full respect to his presence as prime minister … I would say: ‘Work in any field other than politics.’” (source)

More steaming taqiyya

Of course, this would all have been spoken in Arabic, since the ‘grand’ mufti doesn’t speak the lingo of the infidel.

*Go here – skip to the conclusion, as the rest is virtually impenetrable.

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