Islamic debating tip: bring gun, shoot people you don’t agree with

You want free speech, I kill you.

You want free speech, I kill you.

UPDATE [Monday 9am AEDT]: Oh look, I was right – what a surprise. 

Danish-born Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, 22, was killed after opening fire on officers who had closed down the area surrounding Norrebro metro station at about 5am today. (source)

Clearly a Methodist, then.

Another nail in the coffin of Western freedom of speech:

One person has been shot in the head and two police officers have been injured after a shooting at a synagogue in Copenhagen, hours after a deadly shooting at a nearby cafe.

The first shooting left one man dead and three police wounded when a gunman shot at a Copenhagen meeting which was attended by Lars Vilks, an artist who has received death threats since publishing images of the Prophet Mohammed.

It is unclear if the two events are linked.

Danish police confirmed two officers were shot in the arm and leg near the synagogue and the gunman had fled the scene on foot.

“We cannot say anything about the condition of the injured yet,” Copenhagen police said in a statement.

“The perpetrator fled on foot.” (source)

Million bucks to a cent that the perp is Muslim. Clue 1 – synagogue, and Jews are the ‘vilest of people’ according to Islam; Clue 2 – debate on free speech and Islam, and as we all know, there is no such thing as free speech in Islam.


  1. I’d round up every last one of them and send them back to where they came from. They cause trouble wherever they go in this world and as long we have them in our midst we will never be truly safe. If that is unfair to those who have done nothing then it’s the price they will have to pay for not pulling the troublesome minority in their community into line.


    • Entirely agree…..and we should put a stop to muslims entering Australia. It is time to take all steps to safeguard Australia from this rabble. In other words, it’s our way or the bloody highway….God Save Australia!!!


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