Hypocrite: Grand Mufti defends free speech… for Hizb ut-Tahrir extremists

Is this the kind of free speech the Grand Mufti has in mind, perhaps?

Is this the kind of free speech the Grand Mufti has in mind, perhaps?

This shows conclusively that Ibrahim Abu-Mohammed, the Grand Mufti of Australia, is a big part of the problem with radical Islam we are facing today, and has no intention of being part of the solution.

The Charlie Hebdo cartoonists were murdered in cold blood for daring to draw images of the Islamic ‘prophet’ and goat-farmer, Muhammad. Not much freedom of speech for those poor victims, right?

Yet today, only a matter of weeks after that particular atrocity, the Grand Mufti has the gall to criticise the likely banning of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Australia, on the grounds of free speech (at 00:50). HUT is an extremist organisation which seeks to destroy our liberal democracy and impose Islamic sharia law in Australia. It is known for its radicalisation of its members and sedition in Western countries. It’s banned elsewhere, but not here.

But here we have the ‘spiritual leader’ of Australia’s 500,000 Muslims sticking up for a bunch of dangerous extremists.

So let me get this straight. What you’re saying is that we, the Islamic community, can defame your democracy, spit on your system of government, make endless demands for special treatment because Muslims are superior to the kufr, ignore your worthless ‘man-made’ laws (including petulantly refusing to stand for magistrates and judges because we don’t recognise the authority of infidel courts), look down on you filthy non-Muslims as second class citizens in your own country, i.e. we can basically do what the hell we like because we are protected by the ‘free speech’ that your civilised Western democracy provides, but you, infidel scum, dare to make fun of our ‘prophet’ or draw cartoons, and you’ll get what’s coming to you – a bullet to the brain or a knife through the neck.

Well, if that’s the deal we have struck with Islam, it sucks.


  1. Can someone please supply us with the email address of this [snip] so that we Australians can tell him how much we have become aware of this so called religion, which it is not; it is a racist supremacist dogma born out of the rock ages and has never got past the 13th Century and yet today we have these zealots like the “Grand Mufti” picking up Australian tax payers money no doubt and yet he continues to spread the hatred of this Islamic “religion” against us. What sort of idiots of politicians do we have? I can part answer that, try that doe eyed idiot Greens politician, Sarah Hansen-Young and her equally disfunctional leader Christine “Frankenstein” Milne. [snip]

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  2. Honeybadger says:

    Unbelievable that this non English speaking muslim is given ANY oxygen. Despicable that this [snip] has his primitive views aired in what was once a relatively sane Australia. There are similar numbers of buddhists here and we never hear a peep from them. Vale Australia.

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  3. Not only the “mufti” (Isn’t that a breed of dog?) but all of his muslim followers are bloody oxygen stealers. Deport them and seize their mosques and turn them into housing for homeless Australians, without the minarets of course. The question begs, where do these so called muslim reffos get the money to buy large tracts of prime residential or commercial property in our cities and then build these huge edifices to their putrid, evil religion?


    • From your government ofcourse. But don’t let me stop your fascism. I was born here ofcourse but i guess it doesnt allow me to stop being attacked by bogan racists. Your putrid stench and idiocy might convince me to leave anyway.


      • I am not certainly defending the original commenter’s language [comments are not generally moderated, but I will review them] but why is it ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’ for all Australians to obey the same laws when it comes to freedom of speech? Why is it OK for groups like Hizb to advocate the removal of a democratically elected government and the introduction the sharia, or to advocate for restrictions on freedom of speech when it comes to speaking about one particular religion? You say in another comment that Hizb are not extremists simply because they adhere to a different ideology. It’s not the fact that their ideology is different, but that they want to impose it on everyone – Muslim and non-Muslim alike. It’s true, isn’t it, that Hizb want to do away with Western system of government and democratic principles and impose sharia law in Australia? All you need to do is go to their website or listen to their speeches to confirm it. No other minority religion in Australia attempts to do that. Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, you name it, they practise their religions quietly and humbly and are for the most part grateful to be living in a country such as this.

        Unfortunately, whether you like it or not, Australia is, and will remain for a long time, a majority secular nation based on Judaeo-Christian principles, and as long as democratic principles remain in place, Australia will be governed according to the wishes of the majority of the population at the ballot box. As it happens, the standard of living of the Muslim community in Australia is infinitely better than the standard of non-Muslims living under Islamic law, is it not? Try building a church in Iran and see how far you get. You have the freedom to practise your religion (within the limits of the law that applies to all of us) and to enjoy all the benefits of our prosperous country – but that isn’t enough, is it? Islam does not accept ‘live and let live’, does it? It has to impose the sharia above ‘man-made’ law, and it has to impose its ideology on all non-Muslims, doesn’t it? And when those of us who don’t want that ideology resist, then that’s when we’re called racists, fascists and Islamophobic bigots, isn’t it? And then events like the Lindt cafe can be excused on the grounds that it is justifiable given the ‘dreadful’ standard of living in Australia that the Muslim community has to suffer, can’t it?

        This is a forum for debate, so I will publish and respond to comments where I can. I will also remind other commenters that inappropriate language is not helpful and will be cut out.


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