Actions have consequences: lefty students learn the hard way

Student Grant (Viz mag)

Student Grant (Viz mag)

The left, and in particular, lefty arts students, hate Christopher Pyne with an almost pathological fervour, probably because he is everything they will never be: successful, intelligent, witty etc. Oh, and conservative.

Despite being warned about their conduct by the police, a bunch of Student Grants (see right) outside a talk by Pyne at the Sydney Masonic Centre failed to moderate their behaviour and were consequently doused with pepper spray.

But being lefty arts students who have never done a proper day’s work in their lives, and who have never learned (or been taught) the fundamental law of nature that actions lead to consequences, they complain to the media about the conduct of the police, and unsurprisingly, get a fulsome hearing – especially from the ABC, which led with the story on the 7pm news:

A group of university students protesting at a speech by Education Minister Christopher Pyne have been pepper-sprayed by police in Sydney.

Some demonstrators were pepper-sprayed when about 40 of them tried to enter the Sydney Masonic Centre on Friday morning.

Police sprayed a number of the protesters who managed to get into the foyer of the building and were then escorted out.

ABC footage of the incident showed protesters surging into the building chanting “no cuts, no fees, no corporate universities”.

As they were removed from the building, they continued to chant: “This is not a police state, we have the right to demonstrate.”

Ridah Hassan from the National Union of Students (NUS) said the behaviour by police was disgraceful and the students should be able to protest.

“We were pushed by police and I was pepper-sprayed right in the face, my face is on fire,” Ms Hassan said.

Supporters poured milk over the faces of some of those injured by the pepper spray.

“Why can’t Chris Pyne face up to the fact that students are against his higher education reforms?” Ms Hassan asked.

“We are determined to fight them and we are going to come out on March 25 to protest in our numbers to make sure they’re defeated for good.

“This is an absolute disgrace by the NSW police.”

The scene outside the Sydney Masonic Centre

The scene outside the Sydney Masonic Centre

Note how these ‘students’ never take personal responsibility for their actions, always playing the victim and shifting blame to someone else. They will eventually become the next generation of scroungers and bludgers, always complaining that the state owes them a living.

The rules are simple: protest peacefully. If you don’t, you will face the consequences. Not so difficult is it? Except for lefty arts students, perhaps.

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