Cultural enrichment: child rape in the Hunter Valley

Didn't know about child rape, knows about Centrelink, however

Didn’t know about child rape, knows about Centrelink, however

The poor guy maybe didn’t realise that child marriage and rape were illegal in Australia. Probably nobody dared tell him because that would have been ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’.

Anyway, Muhammad married Aisha at age 6 and consummated the marriage at 9, and given that he is the ideal man that all Muslims should strive to emulate, this behaviour is perfectly acceptable in Islam.

The Imam who carried out the marriage would have known it was illegal in Australia, but he knows that infidel law is always inferior to the sharia, so he did it anyway.

Amazing that the police dared investigate. If it had been in Rotherham in the UK, they would have no doubt turned a blind eye, in order to advance the cause of multiculturalism.

The Daily Mail reports:

Australian girl, 12, whose Muslim father arranged for her to ‘marry’ a Lebanese man, 26, was PREGNANT when he was arrested for child abuse

  • Man, 26, ‘married’ girl,12, in Islamic ceremony in her lounge room in NSW 
  • Man pleaded guilty to persistent sexual abuse of a child in October
  • Court papers reveal the girl discovered she [was] pregnant at the time  
  • It was also revealed the girl didn’t want to marry due to 14 year age gap
  • Police allege man married the girl in an Islamic ceremony in January 2014
  • It is also alleged that the girl’s father arranged the ‘marriage’ 

It has been revealed that the 12-year-old girl who married a man in an Islamic ceremony was pregnant at the time the 26-year-old Lebanese student was charged with ongoing child sex abuse.

The pair held the ‘wedding’, which is alleged to have been arranged by her father, in the girl’s lounge room in the Hunter region in NSW, in January last year.

Not long after the man, now 27, and can not be named for legal reasons, was charged with one count of persistent sexual abuse of a child, the girl was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy and then miscarried in February after complaining of abdominal pain,The Daily Telegraph reported.

The girl, now 13, didn’t want to marry the student because of the 14 year age gap but the man bombarded her with text messages after he first laid eyes on her in a mosque in November 2013, the court papers stated on Wednesday.

Strangely, despite not knowing the laws about child marriage, the guy seemed to know plenty about how to extract the jizya in the House of War:

In court documents it is claimed that since the marriage the pair engaged in sexual activities on a daily basis until February when their relationship was discovered by a Centrelink worker, when the man tried to get registered as the girl’s legal guardian in order to obtain welfare benefits.



  1. Amr Marzouk says:

    We’ve lost the plot.


  2. Is there a politician in our current lot that is prepared to get up and say without fear of being called a “Racist Infidel”, that the Islamic beliefs are at total ods with our western style of democracy and our way of life.

    Please, has anyone in Canberra got the balls to condemn this evil, foul, racist, supremicist crap of a religion for what it is. We must ban Islam and we must deport any Muslim who will not set aside his “faith” and demonstrate convincingly, his faith and belief in our Australian way of life.

    I bet you would be filling jumbo-jetloads of Muslims daily as I cannot see where they would prefer to integrate rather than colonise.


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