ABC plugs Human Rights Commission’s anti-government propaganda

ABC NewsRadio this morning devoted a considerable time to a one-sided piece on the Human Rights Commission’s report on children in detention. It fitted the ABC agenda perfectly, allowing it to criticise both Labor and the Coalition from the left.

Accordingly, they made certain that they interviewed Greens senator Sarah Hansen-Young, and Labor immigration spokesperson Richard Marles, but singularly failed to interview anyone with an opposing view.

The horribly partisan HRC under Gillian Triggs remained silent as 1,200 asylum seekers drowned thanks to Labor’s open borders policy, and waited until a Coalition government is elected before waking from its self-induced coma and suddenly raising the issue. Coincidence? I think not.

Tony Abbott has rejected calls for a Royal Commission, because thanks to Labor’s incompetence in Government, it would come off worst if one were held. Why be nice to them? Hold one and let them swing in the breeze.

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