Religion of Peace™ misunderstanders arrested plotting to behead victim in Sydney

UPDATE [3.50pm AEDT]: More proof, if it were needed, that yesterday’s moderate is tomorrow’s extremist – all it takes is to become more devout. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

A western Sydney man arrested over an alleged terrorism plot is a quiet nurse who never spoke about his religious beliefs to friends or colleagues at the removalist company where he worked.

Mohammad Kiad’s social media profiles show a love for weight-lifting, Dolce and Gabbana, and Rolex watches.

Only a religion of peace when the whole planet is Islamic…

Only a religion of peace when all non-Muslims have been subjugated, converted or murdured…

Another day, another plot foiled. This time.

Machete, hunting knife and an Islamic State flag packed and ready – no doubt the video camera was in there as well, to record the event for ‘recruitment’ and propaganda purposes.

Will the next one be intercepted or will it succeed, with an innocent victim beheaded in Martin Place and broadcast on YouTube? Sick, sick, sick.

This pair seem to have ignored the collective wisdom of the three scholarly Imams, Messrs Obama, Cameron and Abbott, who continually remind us that Islam is a Religion of Peace™. These two have instead decided to read the Quran, become devout and therefore believe that they have to strike terror into the unbelievers and strike at their necks (3:151, 8:12 and plenty more).

The single common thread is always Islam. Until the three Imams stop pretending that these threats have ‘nothing to do with Islam’ and invoking delusional moral relativism to claim that all religions are as bad as each other, they will continue unabated.

Sydney terror raid: Two men arrested, hunting knife and [Islamic State] flag seizedDaily Telegraph

The two men arrested in terror raids yesterday had been living in a small granny flat at the back of a share house in Fairfield, where neighbours today spoke of their disbelief.

Omar Al-Kutobi, 24, and Mohammad Kiad, 25, were arrested at the flat on Riverview Rd, Fairfield about 4pm yesterday by the Joint Counter Terrorism Taskforce after a receiving information that an attack was imminent.

Police allege the pair had armed themselves with a machete and large hunting knife and were due to carry out a terror attack yesterday before police swooped.

Neighbour Roberto Macatangay has lived in a caravan at the back of the property and said he knew Mr Al-Kutobi, a computer science student, for about three years.

He said Mohammad Kiad moved into the property only last year and the pair was deeply religious, praying five times a day.

Indeed, since where Islam is concerned, devoutness = extremism. Muhammad was the perfect man for all Muslims to strive to emulate, and by seeking to behead an infidel, this pair were following his example to the letter.

But don’t worry because, as our clueless leaders will no doubt tell us, these men were ‘mentally disturbed’, and were ‘lone wolves’ and most importantly, have nothing to do with Islam.

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