‘It is better to die standing than to live on your knees’

Sharia law doesn't apply in Australia, at least yet…

Sharia law doesn’t apply in Australia, at least not yet…

Stephane Charbonnier’s quote, above, should be the motto for the current generation.

With the appalling massacre in Paris, the world is once again plunged into darkness as a direct result of the teachings of the violent, supremacist, barbaric, pre-medieval ideology of Islam.

Unless Western leaders and the mainstream media make a positive decision to acknowledge the inspiration for these attacks, the many Qur’anic verses and other Islamic texts which encourage and sanction violence against non-Muslims, this kind of attack will become more and more common.

And note, they cannot be blamed on Western actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, a fact which is patently obvious if the chains of events are analysed:

  • As with the Crusades, which were a response to centuries of Muslim aggression, warmongering and conquest of Christian lands, Western actions in the past decades were a response to extreme threats, from the Taliban in Afghanistan, and WMDs in Iraq.
  • Having first created the threat, Muslim nations should not then be able to claim the status of oppressed victims when action is taken to resist that threat (although, with the help of the quisling liberal media and moonbat leaders like Obama and Cameron, they manage to do so very well).
  • Islamic terrorism can then be ‘justified’ as a ‘response’ to that ‘oppression’.

This, quite frankly, is bullshit. It is Western countries that are being subjugated under the boot of Islam, by Muslims who have no intention to integrate, not the other way around. It is time to call this lie out.

In Australia, one can go out into the street and burn a Bible with impunity, but if one attempts to do the same with a Qur’an, you will be arrested. Why? Is it Australian law that distinguishes the two, or the sharia? Which is the oppressed group here, Muslims or Christians? The law protects the religious sensitivities of Muslims (no matter how ludicrous they may be), but doesn’t give a damn about Christians, or indeed other religious groups.

Why is this? Because Christians and other religious groups just get on with their lives in their adoptive countries. Contrast this with Islam, where lawmakers are scared of the consequences if they don’t give in to Muslim demands. And the more they give in, the more that is demanded. The only way to halt this vicious circle is to break it by standing up to the bully in the playground.

Only if Western leaders summon up the same level of courage demonstrated by brave people like Charbonnier will this ever happen.



  1. As long as we continue to let Muslims into our society then these attacks will continue to happen.


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