Mr Abbott, it’s time to start getting angry at Islam

Enough is enough.

Enough is enough.

The time will come soon, if it hasn’t already, for those of us who value our Western democracies and our hard-won freedoms, to start getting angry at Islam.

Islam is a primitive, violent political ideology which seeks to destroy all that is special about our way of life and our culture – from our democratic system of government and our libertarian laws, to our magnificent canon of literature, art and music, to the jewels of Western architecture, to our technology, industry, health care – everything.

Centuries of knowledge and culture is under threat from a movement which seeks to take us back to the barbaric desert life of the 7th century – oh, except for social media, HD video equipment, phones and the internet.

Somehow that isn’t haram at all – in other words even Islamic State are hypocrites. Instead of posting links on Facebook and Twitter, they should be nailing their screeds written on parchment to the nearest tree… I don’t recall the Qur’an ever mentioning Facebook and Twitter…

Already our lives are permanently changed. Security is tighter, we are more wary when we are out in public. Disgracefully, service personnel cannot wear their uniforms proudly in public any more. Anyone, anywhere, at any time could be afflicted with sudden jihad syndrome and try and run down your kids with their car. As the saying goes, yesterday’s ‘moderate Muslim’ is tomorrow’s headline.

It’s time for our leaders to man up.

Instead of cowering in the corner, afraid of the shouts of ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘racism’ from the Muslim grievance mongers in our community, who have demonstrated, to a man, their complete disregard for the root cause of the problem, our leaders should come out fighting, and should be demanding that something be done to stop this threat. If the Islamic community think it is ‘Islamophobic’ for us to protect our Western way of life (which they inevitably will, since any attempt to prevent the spread of Islam is ‘Islamophobic’), then tough.

There’s is little point in wasting energy trying to avoid these ludicrous claims of persecution from the Islamic community, since they will come whatever we do. So my advice is to simply ignore them. Appeasement doesn’t work, never has, never will. It’s time to draw a line.

But when will it be drawn? When an Australian soldier is beheaded in Martin Place? When someone bombs the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House, perhaps? What will it take, do you think, for our intimidated leaders to say ‘enough is enough’?

It’s not too late to act, Mr Abbott, but very soon it will be – and the West will be lost.


  1. lew skannen says:

    I have spent a lot of time in muslim areas of the world and I can tell you that NOTHING is haram if the price is right. Utter hypocrisy.


  2. Hear hear. What is it going to take? Enough IS enough.


  3. thingadonta says:

    I would add some other ideas.

    Religious ideas can act like memes, and compete with other ideas in society. When a new idea takes root, it can sometimes have a strong effect on a new community because the broader community has not been previously exposed to it. But over time, a community can make what is deemed the more detrimental or negative ideas much less prevalent.

    This is what has happened with Christianity, for example. The idea of a 3 headed god which requires a human sacrifice is obnoxious, but was once very widespread and prevalent at the highest levels, after spreading rampantly within the community of ideas, much like a successful virus does; but reason, rationalism, and strong community values have now generally relegated such bad ideas to childhood -in places like Sunday school. So what was once a virulent idea has been relegated to something generally only the young catch-like measles or mumps-which diseases were also once much more prevalent and affected adults much more commonly. Communities tend to become immune to bad ideas over time, in the same way they become immune to viruses. When they don’t, they go downhill, in the same way as pandemics. This is partly why there was a ‘dark ages’-Gibbon thought the downfall of the Roman Empire was at least partly due to Christianity, although other factors were also involved (slavery, lead poisoning, pandemics, cooler climate, etc).

    In other words, religious ideas, as memes, can act very much like what goes on in microbiology and the immune system. Over time, most such ideas tend to be controlled by society and only the weak and the young catch it, like measles or mumps or chicken pox. (But when these diseases first showed up, they were much more widespread and successful then they are now). It can actually also be beneficial to expose the young to these sort of bad ideas, so they get immune to them later in life, which is perhaps why we still send kids to Sunday school-most grow out of it the same way they grow out of Santa Claus. But note that there is within Christianity ideas which we have borrowed at higher levels as well, not all ideas are discarded from various religious movements, idea sharing can occur the same way gene sharing can occur within certain organisms. The same probably goes with Islam.

    Some of the more negative ideas within Islam still affect a great number of older individuals. For a variety of reasons, bad ideas within it haven’t been ‘relegated’ to childhood in many places, the same way the more negative ideas of Christianity have. This has probably alot to do with the very unfavourable social, natural, and political environment within Western Asia and the Middle East. Societies there haven’t been able to control the more negative ideas from affecting much broader domains within their communities.


  4. Honeybadger says:

    I am angry every day at the latest Islamic atrocity which I can count on without fail. Our leaders man up by deluding themselves with statements such as islam is a religion of peace (Susan Ley) and Julie Bishop, we need to embrace islamic youth. Everything is just fine apparently.


  5. Hashem Mohammad says:

    Islam is the religion of Pease. What is happing in Middle East did not relate to Islam in any way, its politicians. America and the other western countries that involve in Iraq and Syria and other Middle East counties to achieve their own agenda produce weak and destroyed countries and give the opportunity for these groups (Islamic State) to appear and become a strong.


    • So, how is a group called “Islamic State” not related to Islam “in any way”?

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    • Sean McHugh says:

      “Islam is the religion of Pease.”

      For a moment I thought you forgot the ‘sarc’ delimiters. There are as many Buddhists in Australia as there are Muslims. How come we don’t we need the religion-of-peace apologetics from them? For that matter, how come we don’t need it from any other religions? Why is it that only Islam needs the ad nausea religion-of-peace PR?

      If Islam is a religion of peace why is it that, when they aren’t after the infidels (that’s us), they are killing each other? We does trouble follow wherever they go? Why do we see on the news all the images of twisted looking angry faces protesting in our streets? That’s what needs fixing, not us and not the west. Until you realise that, you side with the anger, not peace in Australia. You have lots of company. Sure, on the other hand there are many Muslims in Australia who really do want peace, but that’s despite Islam, not because of it.


  6. The “problem” with our soldiers in uniform in public being attacked – very easily resolved by allowing/requiring our soldiers to carry (loaded) side-arms when in uniform – shouldn’t be a problem, as these soldiers are properly weapons-trained.


  7. Sean McHugh says:

    Be damned if I know what the Conservative politicians are scared of. What they should be scared of is being seen as weak, which they are. When they spook, they spook to the left.


  8. Graham Richards says:

    Muslims can have their kids preach hate , murder & mayhem.

    What will happen to me an average Aussie, if I had my kids behave like this…………

    I’ll tell you: I would be in court for hate speech, racial hatred, provocation, speech with intent to provoke violence etc, etc ,etc….+ any other lefty charge they could think of…. but if you are a raghead / dune coon nutter these charges do not apply, probably because of their rights under some dumb f****n lefty law that protects their cultural rights. This is exactly what the Islamist’s want. A GOVERMENT WITHOUT THE BALLS TO DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE>>>>>>>>>>>>>WILL THE LAW BE AT MY DOOR TOMORROW MORNING to arrest me for hate speech??????


    • I find it odd that people claim that Australia is a seriously racist/bigoted country. I can only assume that people who actually believe this, have never really travelled.

      A lot of Indians I work with, tell me that the caste system is still very much in operation in various areas of their country. If you live in Malaysia and aren’t a muslim, don’t ever expect to be treated as an equal, or have equal access to eduction, or pay. Places like Dubai virtually run on slavery…. and the list goes on. Australia is far from perfect, but it really does seem that most of the time, various people with an axe to grind manage to be outraged by something totally irrelevant and stupid (like the ridiculous ‘offensive’ singlet saga). I wish these people would put their outrage to good use and direct it towards some more pressing matters, there are, after all, plenty to choose from, but then, they are not the sorts of problems which can be ‘fixed’ with a few tweets or Facebook rants, are they….


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