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Quote of the Day

Juanita Phillips reporting on the Canadian sudden jihad syndrome on the 7pm news:

“Chaos in the heart of Canada’s democracy, as a man in black, described as mentally ill and a radical Muslim convert, opens fire in Ottawa’s parliament building.”

Mentally ill and a radical Muslim convert? Either alone would have been sufficient – to use both is tautology.


  1. Again we have a clear and decisive action by a person or in Canada’s case 2 persons who subscribe to the notion that “Islam is NOT a religion of peace” and they get themselves killed just to prove the point.

    The report 2 days ago on the ABC infuriated me where a female reporter was questioning a local SA Imam; his response was a typical rejection of our way of life, he was so arrogant proving that when put to any test of explaining their foul evil ways that these Muslim leaders are beyond the pale. I believe that his reactions were so insulting to her as a reporter and to me as an Australian to listen to this cretin ranting on about his “peacefull” religion whilst fuming at the temerity of a female reporter daring to challenge the Islamic credo.

    The Australian Government should immediately remove the favoured status of a church from these evil psychopaths that have far too long been allowed to preach their hatred as is written in that evil book they call the “koran”

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  2. I think that vigilence is required. It seems many “radicalized” muslims reject the western life, we have already sufficient laws already on the book that handle sedition and violence.

    Where it gets interesting is where recently on one of the main Establishment news papers that the 17 year old “ISIS fighter” from australia who was allegedly threatening Tony Abbott – was basically mocked. One person asked if he was a rap singer, anotehr asked if the “threat video’ was filmed in Australia.

    It seems, to be quite blunt, that this 17 year old was a fall guy and a stooge to create a false “threat” to Australia.. What the Establishment werent counting on was people mocking all their hard work. – then lo and behold , a mentally ill man who was allegedly a convert to islam, kills a few people in Canada, and of course th epower that be scream that “this is why we need our new draconian laws in australia”.

    This is just another version of the Bali Bomb a tool to change the publics minds. If you recall, Australians didnt want to become inviolved in Iraq at all…thent he bali bomb “happened” and lo and behold, a massive emotional outpouring and the easily led in our society could line up next to fron troops fast enough./…

    Works every time.


  3. I also have another issue here. – We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muzzies by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.


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