Radio National: Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Sahar Amer and Clive Kessler

Bravo to Andrew West on RN’s Religion and Ethics Report for challenging the politically correct notion of Islam as a religion of peace, and it was done without labelling anyone an Islamophobe! See, it is possible.

It also clinically exposed the shrill obfuscation and avoidance typical of Islamic apologists when confronted with awkward facts and cogent arguments.

Some of the most glaring misrepresentations on Amer’s part during the interview were:

  • the well-worn fallacy that jihad is nothing but personal struggle and doesn’t involve violence or holy war (rubbish);
  • that dhimmi status was an acceptable and generous status for non-Muslims in Muslim countries (see here [pdf] for examples of how nonsensical this claim is), and that it was far worse for Muslims during the Crusades. Maybe, but now? Muslims are the most pampered religious group in the West.
  • misdirecting listeners away from the complete lack of religious freedom in Saudi Arabia and on to why the US is an ally of Saudi… (what?)
  • Islam is a religion of violence is like saying Christianity is a religion of ‘rape and pedophilia’ – no, really. Despite the fact that violence is preached as a doctrine in the Qur’an in hundreds of verses, whereas rape and pedophilia in the Bible…? West and Kessler put her straight on this. Shrillness reaches a peak at this point – make sure you turn the volume down.
  • nothing in the Qur’an that justifies the actions of Islamic State. Really? Then maybe take a look at this document, where IS themselves cite over twenty Qur’an verses for exactly that purpose.
  • “Islamophobia” in the West and policies regarding the veil are ‘human rights abuses’ just like the punishments for blasphemy in Pakistan. Again, no, she really did say that. Being hanged for apostasy is identical to feeling a bit awkward wearing a hijab in Australia, right? Those laws in Pakistan are ‘extremist’ she says, and no Islamic law calls for such punishments. Except all the ones in the Qur’an which do.
  • “We can live together” (i.e. if the whole world is Islamic), and there are plenty of “Interfaith dialogues” (i.e. opportunities for dawah)

Exposing this kind of misleading statements is half the battle. Bravo once again to Andrew West and RN for having the courage and backbone to do this interview despite the risk being labelled ‘racist’ or ‘Islamophobic’ – something Obama, Kerry, Cameron and Abbott seem incapable of.

Listen to the whole thing here.


  1. I’m not sure if I could listen to it, but I’ll spend a few days steeling myself.
    There’s a recent article by Kessler at Quadrant – interesting responses to it,


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