Islam: the spoiled child of religions

Needs a clip round the ear

Needs a clip round the ear

Islam is the tantrum-throwing toddler that just won’t grow up.

Still running around in short pants (despite being over 1400 years old) and believing that the entire world revolves around it, our troublesome tot makes incessant demands on everyone and then gets very angry when they don’t comply. But instead of giving this nightmare child a clip round the ear and the good talking to it deserves, we try and soothe it even further, and meekly give in to its demands rather than refuse them, in the vain hope that they’ll stop and give us five minutes peace.

Every time this ankle-biter breaks a priceless family heirloom, we just turn away, sweep the mess under the carpet, say ‘never mind’, justify to ourselves that it wasn’t to blame, we provoked it into breaking things because we didn’t give it enough attention (or respect). This kid can do no wrong, you see. Despite wrecking the house, it’s not his fault – it’s ours.

But every parent knows that this kind of treatment is storing up big, big trouble for the future. Every new toy is treated with less and less respect, the breakages and the damage get worse and worse, and the demands become more and more frequent and more extreme, as the tiny tyrant realises it can get away with pretty much anything.

Eventually, however, the inevitable brain snap occurs, and the diaper-wearing despot is given the damned good hiding it so badly needs. Suddenly, the kid knows its boundaries, where the line is drawn, and what will happen if it is crossed. It understands that the world does not revolve around it, and it has to be respectful to others if it is to deserve respect itself. It starts to grow up, in other words.

We in the west are still trying to soothe and appease this errant child, and it won’t work. The sooner we stop ‘respecting’ this spoiled brat, and instil a bit of discipline, the sooner it will be forced to grow up, and we can at last start hauling ourselves out of this horrible mess we have made for ourselves.


  1. LewSkannen says:

    Perfect description.

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  2. So true. Kinda reminds me of the behaviours we’ve seen so often from The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert.

    Mind you, considering that the “parent” of both just happens to be one arm or another of the United Nations, perhaps this remarkable similarity is not too surprising.

    If nothing else, the UN seems to have perfected the art of “Let’s you and him fight”.

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  3. Honeybadger says:

    Yes most parents would agree with your analysis and analogy. Unlike a child I’m not sure that islam can be forced to grow up. Adhering to the mecca portions of the koran would be a good start but you can imagine how that would be received. It’s going to take an awful lot of force, determination and mettle by the West to spell it out to muslims.

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  4. luisadownunder says:

    Pope Benedict XVI said exactly the same thing, except in Ecclesiastical language (and so brilliant it makes you weep) and, hammered from all sides, was asked to apologize. As an intellect, he realized that this was once again the West’s appeasement of these raving lunatics, and simply told them to “go rot” (my words, but pretty explicit of his reply).
    We now have a Pope that has simply disappeared into the woodwork and his silence is deafening on many matters, but especially this most important of areas, as it does have everything to do with religion.
    Alberici’s little tirade with the Muslim cleric was applauded by everyone, (and we know that Alberici fairly well has a tirade with everyone she doesn’t like) however, no one seems to remember her interviews with Muslim clerics where she is gushing and practically genuflecting in their presence.
    So many dumb people in positions of authority and influence have reduced this society to unthinking, opinion-less numb skulls….and this is the result.
    If only Islam were simply an errant child.

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  5. Sean McHugh says:

    Brilliant analogy, Simon. I wish a politician had come up with the same.


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