VIDEO: Review of press release from Muslim Students Association of Victoria

Unfortunately it contains all the usual obfuscation and blame-shifting we have come to expect…

The press release is available here.


  1. I thought it was the task of government to consult with its intelligence organizations, the military and its allies before committing troops to a conflict. Not a minority group of religious zealots. If you don’t like it, migrate to an Islamic country. Make sure you take all your relations and like minded supporters with you.


  2. Well, its interesting to note the following at the end:

    “The removal of fundamental rights and the quashing of political dissent will in no way address the fundamental issues facing our society, but will instead aggravate tensions and create the problems it seeks to resolve.”

    So I guess they at least agree 18C should be removed and that Political Correctness actually does them no favours and that everything should be open for discussion so it can all come out. I’m glad these young muslims believe in the concept of Fundamental right of free speach.



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