Islamic State isn’t just like the Ku Klux Klan

Just the same, really…

Just the same, really…

There are many rather mindless memes about the current Islamic State (IS) crisis making their way around social media at the moment, but this one caught my eye because it attempts to downplay the threat from IS by equating it with the Ku Klux Klan (see image on right).

This comparison is false on so many levels, but primarily because the KKK was mainly concerned with advocating discrimination against African-Americans rather than encouraging a wholesale overthrow of a particular way of life.

While the KKK claimed it was based on Christianity, it was condemned by every Christian denomination, and the KKK would be very hard pressed to point to particular verses in the Bible to justify its actions. Even if it could, Christianity has gone through many reinterpretations in the last 2000 years and there are very few denominations which still claim the Bible to be the literal word of god.

On the other hand, Islamic State is a perfect implementation of Islam as set out in the Qur’an, and their members are emulating the acts of Muhammad to the letter.

Unlike Christianity, Islam has gone through no reinterpretation or modernisation since its 7th century beginnings, and such a reinterpretation is strictly forbidden anyway. The word of the Qur’an is the infallible and literal word of god, which can never be questioned or changed. There is no freedom to put any spin on it.

The following table shows just how closely Islamic State follows the Qur’an:

Islamic State vs Qur'an

Islamic State vs Qur’an [from] – click to enlarge

This is just a handful of examples. There are literally hundreds of verses in the Qur’an which disparage and preach hatred for, and violence against, ‘infidels’. And there are plenty of hadith which describe similar acts of Muhammad during the founding days of Islam, and since Muhammad is the ‘perfect man’, all Muslims must strive to emulate him.

In terms of scale, too, the comparison with the KKK is flawed, since there are more jihad killings in one day than were carried out by the KKK in the past 50 years.

Finally, and most importantly, the image attempts to paint ordinary people as ‘racists’ and ‘bigots’ by making the comparison in these terms: ‘why do so many people think…’.

We are all well aware that the vast majority of those who regard themselves as* Muslims in Australia are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, and no-one is making any sweeping judgment about ‘Muslims in general’.

However, that does not change the fact that Islamic State is pure Islam, and like it or not, there are mosques and Islamic schools in our suburbs that indoctrinate their followers and students with a very close relative of pure Islam – the Al-Furqan centre, for example, has numerous articles on its web site in which ‘scholars’ denounce Western democracy. A significant minority of Muslims in the West are sympathetic to some aims of Islamic State – implementation of the sharia for example over ‘man-made; law, or considering non-Muslims inferior people who should not be encouraged as friends (see here for example).

Islam sets itself above the kafir, and believes that its host country is inferior (despite the fact that so many Muslims migrate to the West), colonises certain suburbs and refuses to integrate with mainstream Australian life, instead demanding that the non-Muslims change to accommodate the demands of Islam.

Unfortunately, it is precisely these attitudes of superiority and supremacy which are at the root of the ‘division’ in our societies, far more than any ‘bigotry’, ‘racism’ or ‘Islamophobia’ by native Australians.

* See comment below. The majority of those who regard themselves as Muslims in Australia would be thought of as ‘hypocrites’ by the pure Islam of IS, and would be as bad as infidels.


  1. I don’t agree with your sweeping statement “We are all well aware that the vast majority of Muslims in Australia are peaceful, law-abiding citizens, and no-one is making any sweeping judgment about ‘Muslims in general’. ALL muslims adhere to the teachings of their founder – they wouldn’t be muslims if they didn’t. It follows therefore that ALL muslims will carry out their duty to rid the earth of non-muslims. I don’t see how you can distinguish one muslim from another. They all have the same agenda at the end of the day and if they don’t they are disobeying their orders.

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    • I take your point. Perhaps I should have said ‘vast majority of those who regard themselves as Muslims’. The majority of them are not Muslims in the strict sense of the word, since they are not following the demands of the Qur’an – IS (pure Islam) would regard them as ‘hypocrites’, which is why many victims of IS have been other Muslims who are ‘not Muslim enough’…


  2. As far as denouncing Western democracy, and a Western way of life goes, I find it extremely odd that alleged ‘senior IS figures’ in Australia happily rely on public housing, but still have money to be out of the country when their house is raided by the police/AFP.

    Of course, ‘our ABC’ doesn’t make much, if any mention of the public housing aspect, presumably because they don’t want to be seen as Islamophobic, when really, anyone of any colour, religion, or ethnicity thought to be abusing the public housing system should be investigated, with the appropriate action taken.

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  3. trueatheist says:

    “No one recruited me. I opened the newspaper. I read the Koran. It’s very easy.” A young jihadist answers the question from a journalist. “Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.” “Demoralize the enemy from within by surprise, terror, sabotage, assassination. This is the war of the future.” “The very first essential for success is a perpetually constant and regular employment of violence.” “Who says I am not under the special protection of God?” Sound like the Koran? No, actually Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf. For the full interview with the jihadist quoted above see


  4. Why do people continue calling these Islamic ratbags ‘Jihadists”? It lends them some sort of religious virtue. Call them for what they are – Terrorists.


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