Moronic leftoid whines about ‘racist hate speech’



What race is Islam again?

Never mind the threats to Australians from returning jihadis, or lone-wolf attacks on policemen in the course of duty, the real problem is ‘Islamophobia’, according to Michelle Rowland, Shadow Minister for Citizenship and Multiculturalism:

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is once again promoting prejudice in the community by introducing a new Bill today to weaken the Racial Discrimination Act.

This comes in the very same week the Government is debating important national security legislation.

The Prime Minister previously conceded now is not the right time to proceed with changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, but his number one Senator for South Australia has clearly failed to abandon the plan to repeal 18C.

It shows that the desire to bring back the right to be a bigot is alive and well within the Liberal Party.

Now, more than ever, we need community harmony – every politician has a responsibility to promote harmony, tolerance and respect.

We don’t defeat intolerance by being intolerant.

Er, actually, yes, we do. If we are tolerant to those who are intolerant to us, that’s surrender.

A village somewhere is missing an idiot…

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