Islamic Centre more worried about ‘defamation’ than terror threat

Furqan ridiculous…

Furqan ridiculous…

Unbelievable. Add ‘defamation’ to the growing list of grievances, which already includes Islamophobia, ‘demonising’ and ‘unfair targeting of Muslims’.

Remember, of course, Islam leads Muslims to believe that they are superior to the filthy kafir in every conceivable way, so this kind of reaction is, regrettably, not surprising.

AL FURQAN ISLAMIC INFORMATION CENTRE (“Al Furqan”) would like to extend its condolences to the family of brother Numan Haider.

We sincerely pray that they are granted patience and strength in this difficult time. We would also like to express our deep shock at the tragic events of Endeavour Hills.

We remain disappointed with the way in which the mainstream media has covered this event. We would hope in these troubled time that we refrain from sensationalist assumptions and rely on the presumption of innocence.

We call upon the wider community to extend to every member of our society this basic right, especially if they are no longer with us to defend themselves.

Of course, he was just out for a casual stroll with a large knife and an Islamic State flag. The police probably attacked him, right?

Al Furqan would also like to emphasise that both its centre and its president, Harun Mehicevic, are in no way involved or connected to this incident.

Plenty of materials on the website reject democratic principles and encourage readers not to participate in such processes (see here for example). But naturally, Islam being incapable of introspection, there is no self-reflection on whether such material may contribute to feelings of Muslim ‘alienation’ in Australia.

We have contacted our legal representative and in the coming days, we will work with ICV and other community organisations to examine media articles we feel have defamed our reputation.

We urge media and politicians to show the required sensitivity and to take genuine and responsible actions to solve the issue. We call for calmness and vigilance in face of growing Islamophobia and distrust of Muslims in Australia.

And once again, we see Islamic leaders getting their priorities completely about-face, and driving a wedge even further between themselves from mainstream Australian opinion. And they wonder why there is so much distrust? It’s a vicious circle, and they are driving it.


  1. How was he innocent until proven guilty? He stabbed two policemen.. Should they have chatted with him rather than protect themselves? I’m so sick & tired of the whining muslims. Is it any wonder more & more Australians distrust them. They bring it on themselves with their “we are the victims”


  2. Funny how these Muslims consider themselves to be ‘perfect’ and ‘superior’ yet they lack the simple brain function to recognise that their religion is outdated and will never achieve the world domination that they so desire. Here’s an amusing thought experiment – picture a world where Islam completely dominates the populace, that every single man, woman and child has submitted to the will of Allah. Do you really think that the entire earth would be a peaceful, safe place? These IS pigs are killing other muslims because they don’t agree with their particular brand of the religion so how would it be any different on a world wide scale?


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