Muslim protest scorecard

Not great…

Not great…

Let’s see how the Australian Islamic community’s protests stack up:

  • Protests against the brutal rape of infidel white girls? None
  • Protests against the savage beheading of Western journalists? None
  • Protests against the forced conversion and murder of Christians in Iraq? None
  • Protests against the ‘twisting’ of the Religion of Peace™ by Islamic State? None
  • Protests against the daily preaching of hatred in Middle East mosques? None
  • Protests condemning the plot to behead a kafir in Sydney? None
  • Barbecues to show solidarity with Australia? One – a good start…

And now can we count the number of protests and complaints about ‘Islamophobia’, the inevitable ‘backlash’, ‘victimisation’, demands for special treatment, ‘demonising’, police ‘harassment’, Israel = Nazis, banners proclaiming “behead those who insult the Prophet”, sharia for Australia, etc etc…?

How about these examples for comparison?

  • Number of Facebook pages set up by the Grand Mufti to track instances of radicalisation in Sydney’s mosques? None
  • Number of Facebook pages set up by the Grand Mufti to track instances of ‘Islamophobia’? One.
  • Number of expressions of support for Australian authorities targeting dangerous criminals in Muslim communities? None
  • Number of protests complaining about the police raids? One, organised by the disgraceful Hizb ut-Tahrir, an organisation that should be banned in Australia.

Where are all the so-called moderate Muslims that we’re always hearing about? Why aren’t they taking to the streets to distance themselves from Islamic State? As always, missing in action.


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  2. Unbelievable, these so called religious zealots in Sydney are nothing more than hate inspired thugs of arabic descent. The common denominator in everything that is foul about that religion is the morons that are so stupid as to not conceal their radicalisation in their looks, lets have the ugly bearded morons on TV, expose them, then prison them for life, let them bow to the false prophet whilst incarcerated. But the Bible says, “do unto others as you would expect them to do unto you” Do we take this literally and can we exterminate them? Please


  3. Graham Richards says:

    Why do we keep on importing potential trouble & strife.
    Bill Shorten now wants to resettle over 4000 Syrians in Australia complete with all their hatred and fanaticism.
    Not all would be potential terrorists but take the chance of up to another 200/500 coming to live here with all their hatred of us.
    When people move because they have been chased out their countries of origin chances are they will never assimilate into our society but will probably cause an upswing in crime not to mention religious / political unrest.
    let them go to Europe where nobody seems perturbed about being overrun by the likes of these religious fanatics.

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  4. Yeah, but did they serve pork-chops and beers at that BBQ ?

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