Satire Alert: Police raids ‘Islamophobic’



UPDATE: It’s not satire after all:

Meanwhile, Mohammed Junaid Thorne, a radical Islamic preacher and self-proclaimed sheikh, slammed the anti-terror raids as “attacks on Islam and Muslims.” According to the Daily Telegraph, the 25-year-old preacher asked Allah to “destroy those who plot against us.”

… Thorne blasted intelligence agencies for invading the private lives of Muslims.

You really can’t make it up…

Muslim leaders have condemned this morning’s police raids in Sydney and Brisbane as ‘Islamophobic’ and accused ASIO of  ‘targeting Muslims’.

In a statement, Islamic leaders said:

This is a clear case of police targeting Muslims purely because of their religion… and because they were planning to carry out terrorist atrocities on Australian soil.

The Soldiers of Allah, er, sorry I mean followers of the Religion of Peace™, should be allowed to carry on with their daily lives, including random beheadings of innocent strangers, without this unacceptable harassment from the police and security services.

Blah, blah, blah, … Islamophobia… racism… fear-mongering… inevitable backlash… Religion of Peace… blah, blah, blah…

The statement went on to say that such actions by the police were a clear case of victimisation of an oppressed minority, i.e. criminals.


  1. Targeting muslims? I dont see christians waging a holy war. Beheading people. Nor Hindus. Jews, Buddhists….. Of course its a target on Islam. These idiots should be coming out and denouncing violence perpetrated by islamic extremists instead of playing the oppressed minority card.


    • Satire…


    • Actually the Christians did wage a holy war – remember the inquisition and the crusades. Fortunately they got over it. The muslims never will. The difference with them is that they want the whole world to be a muslim state. Ask a muslim if they owe allegiance to their country and they will say “no. I am a muslim I owe my allegiance to Mohamed.” They want the whole world, not just a few countries.


  2. Ok, this is complete BS – this is the key that gives it away – the lack of anything specific.
    The real reason is to maintain fear in the commmunity, nothing more.
    This is just another fridge-magent moment…..alert but not alarmed.
    Complete BS. Ignore it.

    “Police allege that while the group was actively preparing a plot, there was no information about a “specific” attack, including dates or times.”

    Anytime in the past ( especially in the howard years when deliberate fear mongering was at its height ) you would always hear about “non-specifric” threats. Um…by definition, a non-specific threat isnt a threat, except the general populace are too dim to work that out.


  3. I found this interesting – golly a shiny new bill which seems to open the way to non-destructive torture of suspects?

    “Senator Leyonhjelm is concerned by Section 35K of the Bill. Under the heading, “Immunity from liability”, its states: “A participant in a special intelligence operation is not subject to any civil or criminal liability for or in relation to conduct if … the conduct does not involve the participant engaging in any conduct that: (i) causes the death of, or serious injury to, any person; or (ii) involves the commission of a sexual offence against any person; or (iii) causes significant loss of, or serious damage to, property.”

    “If the bill passes, ASIO will have the power to authorise its agents to torture people as long as the torture does not involve murder, serious injury or the commission of a sexual offence against the person,” Senator Leyonhjelm, of the Liberal Democratic Party, told Fairfax Media.

    “These provisions are shameful. As a nation we should be better than this. Australia is engaged in a fight against barbarism, but that does not justify becoming barbarians ourselves.”

    “Temperature extremes, sensory bombardment, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, drugging and other psychological and physical torture techniques that fall short of causing death or serious injury will be allowed under this bill,” Senator Leyonhjelm said. “Even electrical shocks may be permitted.”

    Good thing we have these raids on these ( alleged ) terrorists to prop up the need to have such measures…how convenient.

    Labor or Liberal – all are globalist serfs.

    PS – I have no issue with authorities to detain legally people suspected of crimes based on reasonable doubt and sufficient evidence. Toture is another matter and not part of a civilised society.


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