Aussie sense: Clover to be closed down

On yer bike…

On yer bike…

Clover Moore has run Sydney City Council as her own personal extreme-Green eco-loony fiefdom for long enough.

Bonkers policies like ripping up essential parking spaces to make room for bike lanes that are empty for most of the day, thousands of dollars wasted on ‘green’ policies, including pointless action on ‘climate change‘, all thanks to the mandate of a tiny number of lefty urban trendoid residents that get a vote (and don’t have to renew it each year).

But now it’s all change, as the NSW Liberal government is introducing mandatory voting by CBD businesses, and two votes for each as opposed to one for residents.

Clover is livid:

She said the bill introduced by the Shooters and Fishers Party, and backed by the NSW government, was “a real assault on democracy”.

“[The council is] competent, we are effective, we are progressive and we are corruption free. That is not a boast that this government can make,” she said.

“We will fight this. When they commit these bastard acts, it makes you want to fight … harder.”

Asked if that meant she would recontest the mayoralty, she said “It’s this sort of thing that makes me want to,” before adding: “Who knows what will happen in two years?”

Should the changes come into effect, and Cr Moore does not recontest, it would be a major blow to the council’s progressive agenda, which includes measures such as bike lanes and climate change action.

The game’s finally up. My heart bleeds (not).

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