Qld: Muslim whistleblower labelled ‘traitorous’ by Islamic centre

Extremism? Not us, gov!

Extremism? Not us, gov!

Hardly likely to encourage more moderate Muslims to speak out against extremism, is it?

The iQraa Islamic Centre was clearly furious that someone had snitched on their activities to the infidel Australian Federal Police, resulting in the arrest of two men alleged to be involved in recruiting, facilitating and funding travel to Syria.

Predictably enough, the Centre posted a typically self-important statement:

“Islam and this centre does NOT tolerate extremism but not what the disbelievers portray extremism is, [and] we do not discriminate either, so we have allowed many speakers to come and give lectures and share their views here,” the post said.

In other words, our definition of extremism is different to that of the filthy kafir. What the kafir call ‘extremism’ is just Islam, right?

“An unknown source who will have to stand in front of Allah (SWA) on the day of resurrection has made a statement saying that ‘We need to be exposed more widely’ so the ‘community around it can be more aware of what is being promoted‘ and said ‘The wider community would be alarmed’.

“We are disgusted with the traitorous actions of this munafiq [hypocrite]..”

Note that they aren’t disgusted with the fact that they might be brewing extremism under their roof, just that someone blew the whistle on it…


  1. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim. They are all muslims and their goal is to rid the earth of non-muslims. Its really that simple.


    • Muslims in Australia need to remember that extremism will NOT be tolerated and if they cannot accept that, then it’s time to depart our beautiful country. Your choice!!


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    Shhhhhhh….. whistle blowers are not loved – ever!


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