Threat of terrorism ‘nothing to do with Islam’, yet it’s only Muslims that are courted…

Well, this is a conundrum, and no mistake.

We’re always hearing that this threat of terrorism on home soil is ‘nothing to do with Islam’, so I pose the following question:

If such threat is ‘nothing to do with Islam’ may we therefore infer that every other religious group in Australia is implicated either equally, or to a greater degree, than Islam?

If the answer to the above question is ‘yes’, then we must ask: are the PM and Attorney General rushing to meet the ‘community leaders’ of other religious groups to reassure them that they won’t be ‘targeted’ by new anti-terrorism laws? Are the Methodists ‘deeply concerned’ by the effect of such laws? Perhaps Hindus will demonstrate in the streets against these ‘invasions of privacy’? Maybe the Jewish community should also be consulted, I mean, they are pretty dangerous, right? The Sikhs are a dodgy lot too, better get them onside…

Of course not, because the vast majority of law abiding citizens of all those religions going peacefully about their daily business don’t need such reassurances. Such citizens can rest assured, with almost 100% certainty, that they have nothing to fear from anti-terrorism legislation.

So why does the only minority religious group granted meetings with the Prime Minister and the Attorney general just happen to be… Muslims?

The answer to the above question must therefore be ‘no’ – from which we logically deduce that the threat of terrorism on home soil must be more to do with Islam than from any other religious group, demonstrating that despite whatever politically correct BS the government may rattle off in public, in private it knows exactly where the real threat is from.

So a note to the government: why don’t you stop pretending, and be honest. We all know what the truth is, and every time you say ‘nothing to do with Islam’ we all cringe.

And a note to Muslim groups: when you demand consultation on anti-terror laws, we all know exactly why that is!


  1. Well…judging by the likes of Sarah Hanson-Young, Lee Rhiannon et al, Israel is the larger problem, especially chocolate shops run by Jews, they are pretty terrible places… Of course, it’s always pointed out that “it’s Israel, not Jews”… and that seems to be acceptable to everyone, including our ABC.

    Mind you, I would imagine the the Greens, Labor, and the media – the ABC in particular, would be the first to condemn similar and equally pointless protests outside businesses run by muslims – there would be no “it’s IS, not Islam” excuse tolerated for that…


  2. Islam, Is-Lame! That about sums it up!


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