Muslim leader backs ‘Team Australia’

Bravo - joins the Team

Bravo – joins the Team

It’s a good start. How long before other Muslim community leaders condemn him for it?

HIGH-PROFILE Muslim leader Dr Jamal Rifi says he will happily buy “a one-way ticket” for any Islamic radicals wanting to leave Australia.

Dr Rifi said the Muslim community in Sydney was deeply offended by comments made by Wissam Haddad, the manager of Al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Bankstown, who said he and his followers would “give up their passports” if they could leave without “being incriminated”.

Mr Haddad made the statement following Prime Minister Tony Abbott ­announcing a $64 million counter-terrorism package. “I’ll buy them a one-way ­ticket out of Australia never to come back,” the Belmore-based Dr Rifi said.

“Let them give away their citizenship. These people are saying they want to go and ­relieve the oppressed Muslims overseas.

“Why would they care so much about the oppression of the Muslims overseas and through their actions and statements cause so much ­oppression and trouble to the Muslims in Australia?”

Dr Rifi said he supported Mr Abbott’s concept of being on “Team Australia” and ­believed that the greater ­majority of the Muslim community also agreed with the idea. “I want to be an active player on that team,” he said.

“I want the players to pass the ball so we can score goals. If we score goals, we secure a win for all Australians no matter if you are Muslim or Christian, anything.”

“If given the option to fight for the Australian flag or the ISIS (Islamic State) flag I, without any hesitation, will choose the Australian flag ­because I totally believe ISIS and its ideology are the enemy of Islam,” Dr Rifi said. [I am prepared to forgive Dr Rifi for not going into the details of why he thinks that…]

“I am in touch with my community and I am talking in the voice of the majority.

But the extremists are on to him already:

Dr Rifi was recently targeted by Sydney-bred Islamic State extremist Mohamed ­Elomar, who offered a $1000 reward for the doctor’s personal information after he spoke out against the atrocities in Syria and Iraq. (source)

Dr Rifi had better watch out – he is a heretic in the eyes of Islamic State. Let’s hope he has the courage to stay the course.


  1. Old Ranga says:

    Dr Rifi has shown great courage already. More than most Australians, he understands exactly what the possible consequences are following his public statements.

    The rest of us should be ready to stand up alongside him. He needs us as much as we need him.


  2. Graham Richards says:

    Issue Wissam Haddad, the manager of Al-Risalah Islamic Centre in Bankstown and his followers with one way exit permits in exchange for their passports. No hindrance to their departure no charges or recriminations just get out and remember there will be no returning under any circumstance even if your grandma is dying. Have a long & miserable life in your beloved Islamic State.

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