Useful Idiot #6: Malcolm Fraser

Going senile? Or just a moron?

Going senile? Or just a moron?

Who would believe that this twit was ever a Liberal prime-minister? His words gives succour to those who have no desire to integrate, and who, at some point in the future, may post a security threat to our nation.

Former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser has labelled Tony Abbott’s use of the term Team Australia “divisive” and “counter-productive”.

Mr Abbott used the phrase when announcing plans for new anti-terrorism laws, raising concerns among community leaders.

The Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), which represents more than 150,000 Muslims, boycotted Mr Abbott’s meeting with Muslim leaders in Melbourne after he told a radio station that “everyone has got to be on Team Australia“.

Mr Fraser said the Prime Minister’s choice of language was “terrible”.

“It resonates very, very badly with Australia’s ethnic communities,” he told AM.

Just how exactly? I guess you’d prefer ethnic communities not to be on Team Australia, putting their own ethnic interests above those of their country of residence and/or citizenship? You’re either with us, or against us, mate, and it looks like you’re against us.

And just to show that this old fruitcake has completely lost his marbles, he is now in agreement with Palmer Uniter senator Jackie Lambie’s comments about possible conflict with China:

The former prime minister’s recent book, Dangerous Allies, which won this year’s John Button literary prize for political commentary, argues that Australia’s close relationship with the United States could lead to conflict with China.

“How many politicians talk about that in a realistic sense? There’s no direct threat to Australia. We do not need to be a frightened nation,” Mr Fraser told AM.

“You know, if America goes to war with China because Japan does something stupid [note: not because China does something stupid – Ed] – which is the most likely scenario – Australia, at the moment, on current policy settings, does not have the capacity to say ‘No’,” he said.



  1. Amr Marzouk says:

    Any one still have their ” Shame Fraser shame” T shirt handy.


  2. Simon Colwell says:

    He lost long ago all the goodwill he earned for his role in getting rid of Whitlam.


  3. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, lost all his inherited wealth and then some through moronic investment- who is this idiot useful to? Who could respect someone with his record of poor decisions?

    Even the Islamics wouldn’t want to be associated with him!


  4. Graham Richards says:

    To fully understand this man’s [Fraser] ignorance take a close look at his reactions to the “coming to power” of one Robert Mugabe in Rhodesia. This lame excuse for a prime minister declared Mugabe Africa’s greatest statesman!!! Need I say more except that the naivety of todays Western leaders has not changed since the early 1980’s.

    Ian Smith was right……majority rule.. one , man one vote, [once only] would lead to disaster.
    Fraser was wrong and his demented musing over world affairs proves he was & still somewhat demented.


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