Muslim leaders complain of ‘unfair smearing’


It’s images like this that give Islam a bad name

The reality is that if anyone in this whole sorry saga is causing ‘unfair smearing’ to Muslims, it’s the extremists themselves who are using Islam to carry out atrocities in its name.

So why don’t the moderate Muslims protest against them instead? I’m waiting for an answer… Nah, you won’t get one.

There are much easier targets for the perpetually offended and professionally aggrieved, who have even set up a new website, Love for 100 Years, on which to display their victimhood. The statement has been supported by a number of Useful Idiots, including a Rabbi, who seems to have forgotten that Islam is the sworn enemy of the Jews for all eternity.

Get your Kleenex ready:

As people committed to building healthy, cohesive and diverse communities in Australia, we have observed with dismay and empathy the way our Muslim friends have been affected by the language and tone of recent public statements and media coverage. We agree with the concerns of Muslim community leaders that the language and policies of our leaders should not marginalise or vilify people of Muslim faith, and that rhetoric used in relation to Australian security and conflicts around the world should not cause further division in our society, or lead to anyone feeling alienated from the nation they call home.

We believe people of Muslim faith are being unfairly smeared in the eyes of the Australian public by both subtle and overt links to violent extremism in political and media discourse.

We know and understand the deep concern and hurt this is causing to our Muslim friends and the risks these kind of generalisations present to social harmony and cohesion.

The violence and values of extremists like ISIS are not representative of the vast majority of Muslim people in Australia, who are recognised better by their commitment to peace, community and mutual respect.

Note, once again, for the umpteenth time, that there isn’t a scintilla of acknowledgement that violence is a problem directly related to the teachings of Islam, and not a hint of making any effort to combat it. Just the usual platitudes about a ‘tiny minority of extremists’, and playing the victim card yet again.


  1. Interesting that the first person to sign it was:

    1 Scott Higgins Director, A Just Cause

    Whose website ( ) states:

    “About Us

    A Just Cause mobilises Australian churches, particularly those from the Baptist movement, to take action on pressing issues of justice. Our goals are that churches:

    Discover God’s heart for those who are vulnerable, exploited and oppressed;
    Advocate with and on behalf of the vulnerable, exploited and oppressed, in order to secure more just policies;
    Connect with opportunities to serve in practical ways those for whom they are advocating. For example, if a church was to participate in an advocacy campaign around refugees A Just Cause would look to connect them with opportunities to minister to refugees and/or asylum seekers within their community.

    Over the course of 2014-2016 A Just Cause will facilitate education, advocacy, and service in four areas: refugees and asylum seekers; environment; disadvantage; and indigenous well-being…”

    No surprise why and it may have been them that set up the site.


    • luisadownunder says:

      What is surprising about their need to minister to all and sundry is that they miss all the injustices in normal, everyday, Australian communities.
      The ones that have lived here for generations.
      Apparently normal, everyday Australians aren’t vulnerable, exploited or oppressed.
      The basis of a moral society is that charity begins at home.
      They must have missed that snippet of information growing up.


  2. aussiecodger39 says:

    The more I see of this uncivilised barbarity, the better i like it. It MAY tend to wake up the slow learners in the civilized world to the terrible danger we face, and will have to deal with eventually.


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